Winter Grave Care Tips for your Grave Care Business

Grave Christmas Decoration

WINTER IS A Good Time To Start Your Grave Care Business

A week ago, I was working in a local cemetery in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Today, I’m hunkered down in a leaf-strewn cemetery wondering if we will have any warm days before spring arrives. Well, one thing that is an absolute certainty is springtime WILL eventually arrive. When it does arrive, there will be plenty of customers and lots of demand for your grave care business services. However, until then, we have a couple months of winter weather before us.

Southern states with warmish weather can operate Grave Care Business year-round. For everyone in the northern states (and Canada), winter does bring a challenge. Although it is a bit difficult operating a Grave Care Business during the depths of winter, there are a few saving graces that will carry you through and keep money rolling in. Christmas is in December. This month brings you many customers who want their loved-ones’ grave sites spruced up for the Christmas season. Pre-winter plot maintenance and Christmas Grave Decoration placement will keep you busy. December can be a prime earning month as there is a lot of income potential.

Grave Care Business Opportunities in December and January and February

January will probably be a bit slower for requests for grave care services. However, I normally think of the first month in the new year as a time to begin preparing contract agreements and price bids for new clients. The preparation work you do in January will pay HUGE dividends once spring rolls around. Current and new clients will appreciate your diligence during the winter months. Also, you should remember that Valentine’s Day is in February. Many, Many people want Valentine’s Grave Decorations placed on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to Christmas and Valentine’s day floral decorations placed on Gravestones, we’ve noticed grave blankets placement is once again gaining popularity. Additionally, gravestone Christmas present decoration is something many parents like to do for children who have passed away. I believe this is a real psychological comfort to parents who have lost a child. This act of giving allows them to share Christmas at a time of year when they are truly heartbroken.

As passionate as I am about cemeteries and as interested as I am in helping people operate their own Grave Care Businesses, I never lose site of the fact that grave care is an act of caring that families WANT to do for their loved-ones. Services such as plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, and grave decoration help families deal with the loss. It helps them heal. It keeps them connected.

By providing grave care, you are truly helping people and they are grateful for the services you provide.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, please read through our website. We have developed a professionally produced grave care business training course designed to help you start and operate your own grave care business.

Merry Christmas!

Grave Care Business Training Course

How To Start A Grave Care Business


How To Make Money With A Grave Care Business

Are you passionate about cemeteries? Have you ever thought how neat it would be to start a Grave Care Business?
I’ve had a passion for cemeteries since childhood. It thrills me to derive an income following my love of cemeteries.
If this sounds great to you, why not take the steps to start your own business?

These 5 tips will help you on your way to starting your own Grave Care Business.

1) Assess the demand for grave care in your area.

To determine your local level of demand, take a quick look at the number of cemeteries in your area. You will find dozens (or hundreds) of cemeteries in your immediate area. You will find many types of cemeteries: private, managed care, family, churchyard, community & volunteer, and neglected & abandoned cemeteries.
They ALL require specialized care.
We will show you how to start your own Grave Care Business by providing: plot maintenance, grave flowers, grave stone cleaning, and more.

2) Check local competition for similar businesses.

Do a quick Google Search for Grave Care companies in your area. In most areas, there is little (or zero) competition. Even if there is someone else already doing grave care, there is plenty of opportunity for your company to do a better job.

3) Determine your “menu of services.”

Grave plot maintenance, flower placement, and tombstone cleaning are the ‘big 3’ grave services. We show you these services plus many other services to offer your clients. Tombstone resetting, plot landscaping, message delivery, photography & videography, cemetery mapping, and many other services will be of interest to your clients.

4) Determine your need for licenses and permits.

Rules and regulations vary from one state to the next and from one cemetery to the next. It is particularly important to pay adherence to the local laws regulating cemeteries in your community.

5) Advertise your Grave Care Business.

Marketing for this business is unlike any other business. This is very personal for your clients. Your potential clients are sensitive about this and they don’t want to feel like you are strictly advertising to make money off them. Sensitive advertising is vital to gaining and building a strong client list of satisfied clients who will trust your business and the services you provide.

Of course there is MUCH MORE to operating a Grave Care Business than just these 5 steps.

If you think this is a business you would like to start, please read through our website to learn more about us.

We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course designed to help you start and operate your own business.
Our Course Overview page shows you everything that is included in the business program.

If you have any questions, please let us know through our contact page.

How To Clean A Tombstone

Cleaning tombstones is a delicate process. Each and every stone is different and requires individual attention.


Cleaning Tombstones and Gravestones Without Causing Damage

We are often asked how to properly clean a tombstone. The most important aspect of tombstone cleaning is to DO NO DAMAGE. Gravestones can be fragile and they can contain hidden, subsurface flaws that will be exacerbated by rough handling.
This quick 5 step process will help you assess a tombstone and take gentle steps to perform a proper cleaning, if necessary.

1: Inspect the Tombstone to look for preexisting damage or the potential of future damage.

Tombstone cleaning can cause, reveal, and exacerbate damage to the tombstone. Before attempting to clean a tombstone, thoroughly inspect the entirety of the stone. Look for surface and subsurface cracks and faults that will be damaged if improperly handled. Assess the type of stone and its stability. Soft stone material and stones with tendencies to flake or crumble require much more delicate handling.
Stones that are unstable or damaged should be avoided and reported to cemetery management.
If the tombstone is unsuitable for cleaning, it is much better to leave it alone rather than to cause damage or increase existing damage.

2: Use plenty of water to wet and wash the gravestone.

Surface dirt can often be washed away with generous quantities of water. In cemeteries with available running water, use a water hose to gently rinse away surface dirt and lichen growth. “Gently” is the keyword here. Never use pressure washers on gravestones. One technique I like to use is to place my thumb over the open end of the water hose to form a gentle spray. There is a special method of wetting the stone that will greatly improve the final look once you complete your tombstone cleaning. We describe this technique in the Grave Care Business Course.

3: Use a non-ionic cleaner, if necessary.

Cemetery preservationists suggest using non-ionic cleaners to kill biological growth on gravestones. Grave markers are porous. Therefore, it’s important to use cleaners that will not damage the stone by seeping inside and causing corrosion. Harsh chemicals should never be used as they can damage stones even if the damage is not readily apparent.

4: Scrub gently with a soft bristled brush.

If scrubbing is necessary, use soft bristled brushes and plenty of water to gently scrub away surface debris. Once again, “gently” is the keyword. Harsh scrubbing is never recommended since abrasion can damage tombstone material. Additionally, the courses training video on tombstone cleaning describes methods to properly clear heavy lichen and mosses from gravestone surfaces.

5: Rinse the tombstone with generous quantities of filtered or distilled water.

As a final rinse of the tombstone to remove residual dirt or cleaner, use copious amounts of water. If your tap water is high in mineral content (as it is in some parts of the country), filtered or distilled water is preferable.

In closing, the first step is the most important. It is better to delay cleaning a stone rather than to cause irreparable damage to the stone. Take a gentle, methodical approach to your tombstone cleaning.
Here is a government resources you may find helpful:
The U.S. Government Center for Preservation

Cleaning tombstones is a delicate process. Each and every stone is different and requires individual attention.

Have you ever thought about starting your own tombstone cleaning and grave care business?

We have developed a professionally produced business course to help you start & operate your own Grave Care Business. The course teaches you how to incorporate cleaning methods into your Grave Care Business. Video lessons teach you how to clean the stones appropriately. You will also learn how to build a strong client list of customers who will pay you good money to clean tombstones, maintain their loved one’s grave plots, and pay for yearly maintenance packages and yearly floral decoration package. The course also includes pricing strategies and pricing calculators to help you learn how much to charge for your services.

The cost of the Full Course is only $260.00

Read through our other blog posts and also look though the main pages of our website to learn about the Grave Care Business materials.
Order the full course directly through our website and we will ship it to you directly via USPS Priority Mail.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are always happy to help.

Leaf Maintenance in an Autumn Cemetery

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?

cemetery_leaf_maintenanceCemetery Leaf Maintenance

The leaves on the trees were tenacious this year.  Summer’s drought and a lack of mid-autumn storms allowed leaves to remain on trees longer than expected.

However, with last week’s high winds and heavy rains, the leaves have finally let loose from their branches.  Falling to the ground, leaf piles need to be cleaned up before they make huge winter messes in our local cemeteries.

This is the time of year Grave Care companies can make a lot of money performing basic plot maintenance for your customers.  Whether you are work on whole-cemetery cleanup or if you are performing single jobs for individual clients, this is an important season for Grave Care Business owners.

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?  We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course designed to teach you how to operate your own Grave Care Business offering plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, floral decorations, and many other Grave Care related services.

Please read through our entire site to learn more about the Grave Care Business Course

Cemeteries, Forest Fires, & Tombstone Cleaning

Cemeteries suffer under a thick canopy of forest fire smoke. Tombstone cleaning needed in the coming months.


Cemeteries suffer under a thick canopy of forest fire smoke. Tombstone cleaning needed in the coming months.

If you live anywhere near the southeast portion of the United States, you are probably aware of the current problem we are having with forest fires. These fires and the smoke they produce are having (and will continue to have) a lasting effect on cemeteries and tombstones. We predict an increased need for proper tombstone cleaning in the coming weeks and months.

The entire southeastern region of the United States has suffered through drought conditions for the entirety of this year. Because of this drought, the entire region is at increased risk of forest fires. The area in which I live is suffering through an unprecedented outbreak of wild fires. These fires are producing thick, choking smoke. Particulate matter in the atmosphere is at record levels. Visibility is near zero.

As the particulate matter in the sky settles, it will leave a film of sticky residue on all it touches. Tombstones and all grave markers will be affected by this residue. Grave care companies will likely see an increase in requests for tombstone cleaning. This is good for grave care business owners. The important aspect of this business is building a strong client base, doing the work properly, and charging the right amount of money so you can build a profitable company.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, please read through our website. We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course designed to help you start and operate your own successful grave care business.

You can order the course directly through this website and we will ship it out to you via Priority USPS.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cemetery Grave Care – Autumn Grave Care Services

A Cemetery in Autumn.

I cannot think of anything better than to spend my days in a local cemetery. This is a beautiful time of year to be in your local cemetery. If you love the idea of working in your local cemeteries providing grave care services, graveside floral decorations, tombstone cleaning, and general gravesite plot maintenance then you should think about starting your own Grave Care Business.

We can help.

My name is Keith and my company has developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business training course. The course is designed to help you start (and grow) your own successful Grave Care Business. Please read over our main website for complete information on everything that is included with the course. If you have already read the description and are ready to order, click the “Buy Now” link below. We’ll ship the course to you promptly via rush Priority USPS.

If you have any questions, please use our contact page. We love cemeteries and are always happy to help.
The Full Course is $249.95 + $10 (S&H) = $259.95 Total Price (No hidden fees. Nothing more to buy.)

End of season Grave Care – Summer 2016

Cemetery Grave Care

It’s August 2016 and I’ve just come in from another beautiful day in a cemetery.

This summer has been one of the hottest on record. Though daily temperatures are still very warm, we are beginning to experience hints of cooler weather. Soon, the evenings will be brisk and autumn colors will beautify all the trees in our local cemeteries.

Since the heat and humidity of July is difficult to take, I try to perform much of my work in the morning and late evening hours. Once August arrives, the humidity begins to decrease and working outside is much more bearable. And, of course, September and cooler weather is just around the corner.

The next several months are perfect for grave care services. This is the perfect time to perform plot maintenance. Old, ugly grasses and weeds can be removed and the ground can be prepared for new seed which will green-up and put down roots during early Autumn. Tombstone cleaning is also in demand from customers this time of year. After a dry, dusty summer, grave stones are in dire need of good wash downs with proper cleaning procedures. Harsh chemicals are not needed. In fact, harsh chemicals can damage tombstone material. Harsh scrubbing can cause further damage to already fractured or fragile grave markers. I always try to take a “do no damage” approach to tombstone cleaning.

In addition to grave plot maintenance and tombstone cleaning, summertime floral decorations should be changed as we transition into the cooler months. Old flower decorations become faded and tacky looking. I always think it’s a shame when I see old flowers on a grave site. Someone spent a lot of time and money to place flowers as an outpouring of respect and love. Flowers that were once beautiful eventually become worn and old and tacky. Autumn is a great time to replace old flowers with new decorations.

Each year, I think of Autumn as our reward for suffering through another hot summer. This is the time of year I, once again, love what I do. 🙂

If you’ve ever thought about the idea of operating your own Grave Care Business, I would like to invite you to read through our entire website. There is a lot of free information here to help you get started. However, if you are truly interested in learning how to start and operate your own successful Grave Care Business, we have developed the Grave Care Business Course. The material in this course is designed to take you from the initial concept of your idea all the way through performing the work correctly, building your client list, and growing your business to the point you might need to hire additional employees to keep up with the demand. You can keep it small or grow your business as large as you want.

We love cemeteries and are always happy to help you start your own Grave Care Business. If you have any questions about the course, please let us know. The rest of the website contains detailed information about everything that is included.

If you’re ready to order, the “Full Course” is on sale for $250 + S&H. I will leave a payment link below.

Have a great autumn!

Grave Care Business

Happy Fourth of July – Grave Care Decorations

Grave Decorations for July 4th

Grave Decorations for July 4th

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July.

On this holiday, many Grave Care Customers want Red, White, and Blue floral decorations placed on the grave sites of their loved ones. It’s a very festive holiday and it’s nice to see brightly colored and patriotic decorations adorning headstones. So many people love fireworks and cookouts with family members. It helps them to know their loved ones who have passed away are still part of the family and get are thought about with decorations.

After the July 4 holiday, we enter a several week dry spell where there are not many holidays to celebrate. The summer Grave Plot maintenance season will be in full swing and it will be a perfect time for tombstone cleaning. These services will keep us all busy for the next several months (long into the autumn season) and by the time mid-August gets here, floral decorations will need to be changed out for late summer or early autumn colors.

If you have ever thought about operating your own Grave Care Business, right now is a perfect time to start.

We have developed a comprehensive Grave Care Business instructional course designed to help you start and operate your own successful Grave Care Business.

For more information, please read our entire website to learn about the course. We have a “Course Overview” page describing everything that is included with the course. We have 3 different versions.

Happy 4th. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Grave Care Business Course Overview

Personal Goals Advance Your Business Goals

This blog post is longer than my normal post. Read it through to fully see its importance. I convey the idea that personal goal setting has broad and positive implications in your life. Work toward your goals with positive enthusiastic energy. You will be rewarded.

Grave Care Business

Choose Your Goals Carefully

Personal goals advance your business goals. I’d like to share a perfect example of the way a seemingly unrelated personal goal will greatly advance your business goals.

In January, I outlined my goals for this year. I wrote a blog post briefly discussing the idea of goal setting at the beginning of a new year. I am a strong believer in making goals. WITHOUT A GOAL YOU CANNOT SCORE.

I am a strong believer in writing goals down on paper.
I am a strong believer in writing the reasons behind the goals.
I am a strong believer in plotting courses to achieve the goals.

Writing goals down on paper establishes a physical connection to your goals. The physical act of holding a pen in your hand and writing a goal on paper causes a physical investment on your part. Have you heard the term “you must have skin in the game”? Writing your goals on paper is the first part of having “skin in the game.” The goal is not just a passing thought if you make the effort to write it down.

Second; writing down a REASON for the goal helps you establish a “bigger picture” of the goal. For example; if your goal is to start your own business, you might write down that you want to start your own business to have more money for retirement. The idea of more money for retirement supports your efforts of starting your own business.

Third; plotting a course gives you a direction to travel in attaining your goals. You cannot begin a journey without having an initial course. Likewise, you cannot start a business without an initial business plan or business model. Yes, your course will change and you will make adjustments along the journey but you MUST have a course to travel before you start.

As I shared in an earlier blog posting, my goals for this year included:

1) Do a better job researching and exploring cemeteries.
2) Learn about the culture of cemetery care in every cemetery I visit.
3) Improve my ability to travel so I can visit cemeteries in a wide range of geographic locations.

Anyone who reads this blog and keeps up with my Cemetery Exploration channel on YouTube knows that I love being on the water. As you might have seen in some of my Cemetery Exploration Videos, I use my abilities of sailing, power boating, and kayaking to visit hard to reach cemeteries and cemeteries in foreign lands.

When I developed my goals for this year, I tried to develop a method by which I could increase my skills on the water and put those skills to use in my cemetery research. I did this through education. In the first quarter of this year, I completed a 56 hour licensing course on becoming a ship’s captain. Now, I will admit that a 56 hour course, by itself, does not give me the ability to captain a large vessel. However, having my Captain’s License improves my knowledge and increases my ability to travel on such vessels.

I’m happy to announce that I passed all my exams and I am currently awaiting final paperwork for my Captain’s License.

Here’s the beautiful part:

a friend of a friend who knows I have earned my Captain’s License needs help moving a large sailing vessel from Key West, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina next week. Because of the Captain’s License I earned this year, I have been invited to work as crew during this trip.

Key West Cemetery - Key West FloridaNow, how does this relate to cemetery research? Well, Key West, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina have amazing cemeteries. The cemetery in Key West has hundreds of fantastic tombstones and I will be able to study the care that is given to them under the harsh south Florida sunshine. The innumerable cemeteries of Charleston require special care of their own. Those cemeteries are packed into nooks and crannies of Charleston’s small church yards.

This opportunity of sailing from Key West, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina and having the ability to visit the cemeteries in each of those towns would not have presented itself if I hadn’t been active in advancing my education of driving boats.

The Law of Intended Consequences

When I wrote down my goal to “improve my ability to travel so I can visit cemeteries in a wide range of geographic locations” I looked for a skill that I already possessed (sailing) and thought about how I could use that skill to increase my ability to visit cemeteries. I had no idea earning my Captain’s License would pay such quick dividends. I could not have envisioned that improving a skill I already possessed would allow me to study cemeteries in two fantastic towns within one month of completing the Captain’s License exams. However, I knew that working hard to earn a Captain’s License would present unimagined opportunities. I believe the Universe works that way….I believe when you work hard and put your energy into work that you love, you are rewarded with unforeseen opportunities.

So, I’ll ask YOU:

What are your goals for this year?

Key West - Dead EndJust because it’s not January anymore does not mean your goals are at a Dead End.

Grave Care is a Rewarding Business Model

The pages of this website describe the Grave Care Business Course designed to help entrepreneurs start and grow their own Grave Care Businesses. I love cemeteries and I know there are other people who share my love of cemeteries and want to start a small business doing what they love. Grave Care is a rewarding business. Your clients will be very grateful that you are caring for their loved-ones’ precious grave sites. They will be happy to pay you good money to do work you enjoy. This is a great business and right now is a perfect time to start your own Grave Care Business.

If you have already read the Grave Care Business Course description and are ready to purchase, you can click the “Buy Now” link below and we will ship that right out to you via priority mail. If you need some more time, please feel free to look through this website for a full description of the material. Feel free to ask us questions via our Contact Form. We love cemeteries and are always happy to help.

Thank you:

Purchase the Full Course Program Here:

Dash Camera helps Grave Care Business

In my grave care activities, I am always looking for techniques and technologies helpful to grave care business owners.

The newest piece of technology I’ve implemented in my business is a dash camera. Watch the video below to see how it helps me with my cemetery explorations.

Start your own Grave Care Business:
Grave Care Business Training Course