Gravestone Damage Caused By Lawn Mowers

information on how to avoid damaging gravestones when you are mowing cemetery grave plots.

cemetery lawn mower damage

Gravestone Damage Caused By Lawn Mowers

When I visit a cemetery and look at gravestones, my biggest pet peeve is seeing damaging work performed by careless workers.

One of the most notoriously damaging pieces of equipment in a cemetery is the riding lawn mower. Particularly, large Zero-Turn-Radius lawn mowers operated by neglectful lawn mower operators cause extensive damage. In cemeteries during lawn mowing season, lawn mower operators are often in a big hurry to finish their mowing jobs. They speed between headstones and zoom up & down rows of grave markers. Their rubber tires grind the ground and their large mowing decks scalp the earth. More damaging than what they do to the ground, however, is the damaging effect they have on gravestones.

Here are two examples of damage caused by lawn mowers. In both of these instances, gravestone material has been scraped away by mower decks. In the third picture, I have reason to believe the monument might have been toppled after being run into, repeatedly, by a neglectful lawn care operator.

gravestone damage mowing

grave stone damage

If you plan to offer grass cutting in your grave care business, please make the effort to choose proper equipment. Also, operate that equipment properly to avoid damaging tombstones and the graves you are supposed to be manicuring.

Do you need some professional tips on how to properly operate a Grave Care Business? Our professionally produced Grave Care Business Training Course will help you start (and operate) your own successful grave care business. We even include excellent information on how to avoid damaging gravestones when you are mowing cemetery grave plots.

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Winter Grave Care Tips for your Grave Care Business

Grave Christmas Decoration

WINTER IS A Good Time To Start Your Grave Care Business

A week ago, I was working in a local cemetery in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Today, I’m hunkered down in a leaf-strewn cemetery wondering if we will have any warm days before spring arrives. Well, one thing that is an absolute certainty is springtime WILL eventually arrive. When it does arrive, there will be plenty of customers and lots of demand for your grave care business services. However, until then, we have a couple months of winter weather before us.

Southern states with warmish weather can operate Grave Care Business year-round. For everyone in the northern states (and Canada), winter does bring a challenge. Although it is a bit difficult operating a Grave Care Business during the depths of winter, there are a few saving graces that will carry you through and keep money rolling in. Christmas is in December. This month brings you many customers who want their loved-ones’ grave sites spruced up for the Christmas season. Pre-winter plot maintenance and Christmas Grave Decoration placement will keep you busy. December can be a prime earning month as there is a lot of income potential.

Grave Care Business Opportunities in December and January and February

January will probably be a bit slower for requests for grave care services. However, I normally think of the first month in the new year as a time to begin preparing contract agreements and price bids for new clients. The preparation work you do in January will pay HUGE dividends once spring rolls around. Current and new clients will appreciate your diligence during the winter months. Also, you should remember that Valentine’s Day is in February. Many, Many people want Valentine’s Grave Decorations placed on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to Christmas and Valentine’s day floral decorations placed on Gravestones, we’ve noticed grave blankets placement is once again gaining popularity. Additionally, gravestone Christmas present decoration is something many parents like to do for children who have passed away. I believe this is a real psychological comfort to parents who have lost a child. This act of giving allows them to share Christmas at a time of year when they are truly heartbroken.

As passionate as I am about cemeteries and as interested as I am in helping people operate their own Grave Care Businesses, I never lose site of the fact that grave care is an act of caring that families WANT to do for their loved-ones. Services such as plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, and grave decoration help families deal with the loss. It helps them heal. It keeps them connected.

By providing grave care, you are truly helping people and they are grateful for the services you provide.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, please read through our website. We have developed a professionally produced grave care business training course designed to help you start and operate your own grave care business.

Merry Christmas!

Grave Care Business Training Course

November 2017 – All Saints’ Day and a Busy Month for Grave Care

Have ever thought about starting your own grave care business? November is a perfect time to start.

October ended with Halloween.  We hope everyone had a good time handing out treats to all the monsters and goblins.  Is it just me or does it seem costumes have taken a turn away from the traditional scary themes?  I’m seeing more “sultry nurse” and “Pimp n’ Ho” costumes.  Oh well.

Although October is a month when the “spookiness” of cemeteries is on people’s minds, November is a month when Grave Care Business owners should begin focusing on building their client lists and making a lot of money for the winter months ahead.

In many, the first of November signifies the laying on of wreaths in conjunction with All Saints’ Day.  I have just completed a cemetery research trip to Northern Spain.  Laying on of wreaths is a very important ceremony there.  I believe this ceremony is catching on and becoming popular in the United States.

It is true that some grave care activities slow down a bit for winter.  However, we have found that there are several activities that will carry you through the winter months.  By starting your grave care business right now, you will be able to begin building a strong client base.

There are a few services we like to focus on during November and December.  Pre-winter plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, and preparation for winter-time decorations should be tops on your list.  Offer these to your prospective clients and you will be busy (and making money) for most of the winter months.

If you have ever thought about starting your own grave care business, November is a perfect month to get started and begin building your client list.  In our Grave Care Business Course, we spend a lot of time teaching you how to properly build a strong client base.  We also teach you how much money to charge for your services.  The estimating software is a great tool to help you calculate your prices.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  We are always happy to help.

October 2017 – Grave Care Business

By starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be able to make good money providing proper grave care and cemetery maintenance.

October is an interesting month for Grave Care Business owners.

October is a month when many people become interested in cemeteries.  Mostly, this is due to Halloween falling on the last day of October.  There is kind of a spooky weird aspect to the fascination of cemeteries in October.

I fully understand this spooky weird fascination…I like Halloween, too.

However, Grave Care is NOT about the spooky weird fascination of cemeteries.  Grave Care is about proven services that will allow you to start your very own business.  Grave Care includes: plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, floral decorations, and many other services to properly maintain grave sites.

This is a niche business.  While not a lot of people provide these services, there is a huge demand.  Some cemeteries offer basic grounds maintenance but their work often lacks finishing touches.  After one spouse dies, the other spouse normally tries to maintain the grave site, properly and visit on a regular basis.  However, age or ill health often prevents the remaining spouse from performing upkeep exactly they way they want to.   Adult children often move away from their hometowns or they are just too busy.  However, they ARE willing to pay good money for proper care.

By starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be able to make good money providing proper grave care and cemetery maintenance.

If you are fascinated with cemeteries (apart from Halloween) and if you would love to start your own Grave Care Business, we have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course to help you get started.

The Full Course includes instructions for proper start-up, how to perform the work, what tools and supplies you will need, video tutorials, and instructions on how to properly estimate your prices.  We even included fantastic estimating software so you will know how much money to charge your clients.

The Grave Care Business Course includes a tremendous amount of information and business tools.  You will be pleased with all that is included.

To learn more about the business course, read through our main webpage:

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Please let us know if you have any questions.  Right now is a perfect time to start.


Grave Care Business – Turning Ideas into Action

Grave care is a very rewarding business and right now is a perfect time to start.

Motivation to help you start your own Grave Care Business

As I drove into the local cemetery this morning, my head was full of great ideas about how I wanted my day to progress. I always find great ideas come to me while I’m driving but, once I reach my destination, those ideas often fade into obscurity. I believe this is a common problem for many people.

It reminds me of an email I received recently from a gentleman who wants to start his own grave care business.
The letter starts: “Hi Keith. I have thought about starting my own grave care business for about 3 years…” He goes on to say that he’s really ready to start and wants to purchase the business course.

I find his email very interesting because he has thought about it for 3 years but is still waiting to turn his ideas into action. We all suffer from this type of procrastination sometimes. Great ideas in the car or in the shower (I often have great ideas in the shower) are often dismissed when it is time to take action.

The question is: how can we retain the resolve to turn great ideas into action?

I believe simple encouragement is one thing that many of us need to turn ideas into action. On a personal level, I enjoy having a few mentors that I can bounce ideas off and then look for encouragement to follow through with great ideas. Encouragement is a very important ingredient for turning great ideas into action.

This is one of the reasons my team and I developed the Grave Care Business Course. I know there are many people who are interested in cemeteries and want to start their own Grave Care Businesses. Maybe you have thought about this idea many times (while driving or in the shower) but once the initial excitement of the idea subsides, you fail to take action to turn your idea into reality.

I would like to encourage you. Grave care is a very rewarding business and right now is a perfect time to start. As I’m writing this, we are transitioning between seasons and it’s an easy time to start your business and build a strong client list. Yes, I would like you to purchase our grave care business course to help you get started but even if you don’t purchase it, I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to turn your ideas into action.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am passionate about cemeteries & grave care and I am always happy to help.

My best to you for a profitable and fulfilling September:

Cemetery Vandalism and your Grave Care Business

Grave Care Business Owners Deter Vandalism

Cemetery Vandalism

Hi Everyone:

I want to address the serious subject of Cemetery Vandalism.  This is a subject very close to my heart.  We can do something to combat this serious problem.  It is my opinion that proper Cemetery Maintenance and Grave Care dissuades vandals from causing destruction to graveyards.

As a Grave Care Business owner, you can make a difference.

I cannot imagine why anyone would desecrate a cemetery or an individual’s gravesite. However, this is an ongoing problem. Cemetery management and families of those buried in these cemeteries
are looking for answers.

Well, I have some answers to help abate this problem.

Cemetery Vandalism is a Big Problem

I have studied cemeteries where vandalism takes place. I often find reoccurring themes that are common.  Cemeteries in decline and ones that don’t have many concerned visitors on a daily basis are often at risk of being vandalized.

I have been associated with Grave Care for many years and I help people start their own Grave Care Businesses. I can tell you that proper care and maintenance is vital to a cemetery’s long-term preservation.

So, how can a grave care business help solve this problem?

Grave Care Business Owners Dissuade Cemetery Vandals

Grave Care Business owners provide many services of upkeep for entire cemeteries and individual’s grave sites.  They provide plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, and floral decoration placement in addition to many other services.

These activities give cemeteries a cared-for appearance. Since you will be there on a routine basis, you will help dissuade people who cause damage. Also, you can properly document instances of vandalism to help police find the culprits.

Owners of the cemeteries will be glad you are there, family members will gladly pay you for your services, and YOU will be operating your own business and making a positive difference for your community.
It is a Win-Win-Win solution.

I am not an anomaly and neither are you.

Start Your Own Grave Care Business

If you have an interest in cemeteries and have ever though about starting your own business, I hope you will read though our website.  We have developed a professionally produced business course that will help you start & grow your own Grave Care Business.

If you have questions about the business course, please reach out to us via our Contact Form

You can order the course directly:  Grave Care Business Course

Thank you:


Grave Care Business – July 2017

Grave Care Business owners should understand the power of increasing their businesses and building their client lists during July.

July is a pivotal month for Grave Care Business owners.  It’s important for you to understand the power of July in starting and/or expanding your business.

2017 is flying by.  Six months are down and there are another six months to go before the end of the year.  While the first day of July is a milestone (halfway through the year), the importance of July comes from the fact that your efforts this month will guide your business for the rest of the year.

Grave care maintenance is in full swing right now.  Grave site maintenance (mowing & landscaping), floral placements, and gravestone cleaning are in big demand right now.  However, the end of summer is right around the corner.  Then autumn will follow closely behind.  I have always found that efforts I make in July to develop my client list for end-of-summer services have a big and positive effect in the coming months.   However, I’ve found that if I delay until August, it’s difficult to build the same excitement in a customer base than if I started in July.

I do not know why this seems to be true.  However, it’s something I first noticed many years ago when I was studying marketing and human psychology in school.  I theorize that by mid-July, people are beginning to tire of summer.  However, they don’t realize it yet…it’s subliminal.

Why is this important for Grave Care Business owners?  This is an easy answer.  End-of-summer grave care and Autumn grave care is very important for this business.  There is a lot of money to be made during this time and this is a great time to increase your client base.

The take-away is this: the efforts you make in July will have very positive effects for your business in the coming months and for the rest of the year.  “Don’t delay. Start today.”

The Grave Care Business package is packed with information to help you start and expand your business.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Cemeteries of The British Virgin Islands – Continuing Education

Cemetery research trips help me learn about cemetery maintenance and grave care in different cultures around the world so I can pass that knowledge onto you.

Single stack Cemetery Plots
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands

Grave Care Business –
Continuing Education

I take my continuing education of grave care and cemetery maintenance seriously. As part of my work and as part of my dedication to helping develop the Grave Care Business Course, I attempt to undertake one Formal Educational Experience & one Cemetery Research Trip each year.

This continuing education helps me maintain knowledge of current trends in grave care. Since I keep my knowledge up-to-date, I can continue to share that information with you.

Cemetery Research Trips

For my Cemetery Research trips, I always try to journey outside of my immediate area. I’m located in Eastern Tennessee. Therefore, I
take trips away from this area to study cemeteries.

One year, my trip took me to the New England states to study old colonial slate gravestones.  Another trip took me to the highlands of Scotland to study grotesque carvings in 16th Century burying grounds.  Still, another trip took me to the lava fields of Hawaii to study cemeteries that have been affected by volcanic activities.

This year, 2017, I ventured to a part of the World I’ve never visited before. I’ve studied the Cemeteries of Bermuda, but I’ve never been
southward toward the Caribbean.  Last month, I was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to spend several days in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Grave Sites St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

Cemeteries of The U.S. and British Virgin Islands

One of the most fascinating cemeteries I visited is called Moravian Cemetery.

Iguana In A Cemetery

As I wandered the tight isles of double-stacked burial crypts, I discovered
I needed to be cautious of Iguanas which roam the grounds. We certainly do not have Iguanas roaming the grounds of our local cemeteries in Tennessee.

Iguana in a Cemetery
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands



Cemetery Maintenance

I interacted with several cemetery maintenance people working in the
graveyard and learned about their methods of care in this cemetery.

Cemetery Maintenance
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands
Moravian Cemetery
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands
Grave Care on St. Thomas
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands

Interesting Features of Virgin Island Cemeteries

Like in most cemeteries, sensitivity and respect must be present at all times as they are going about their work. The thing I found most fascinating about this cemetery were the hand written notes inscribed in concrete foot pads of each burial crypt. As you can imagine, these are highly personalized inscription. Therefore, utmost delicacy much be practiced when cleaning the graves and grooming the grass and the grounds of each cemetery plot.

Personalized Foot Slabs
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands
Foot slabs of a grave.
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands

Egyptian Revival Grave Crypt

During my stay in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, I found several notable examples of Egyptian Revival Grave Crypts. This is an excellent example of one of the finest Pyramid vaults I have seen. In particular, look closely at the top of the structure. You will see a wonderful Ankh placed at the top. The trees are drooping over the ankh making for cooling shade under the blazing Caribbean sunshine.

Egyptian Revival Crypt
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands

The Grave Care Business &
Grave Site Maintenance Business Course

I attempt to pour the knowledge I learn into the Grave Care Business Course. If you have ever thought about starting your own grave care business, I hope you consider purchasing the course
to help you get your business started and to help you grow a strong client base for your own Grave Care Business.

We are very passionate about proper maintenance and care within cemeteries. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

Read about the course here:

Order the course directly via the website here:

Or you can order over the phone with your credit card:

I wish you all the best.


Stacked grave vaults. St. Thomas Cemetery
Moravian Cemetery U.S. Virgin Islands

Cemeteries Face Budget Pressures – Good News For Grave Care Business Owners

Perpetual Care of Buttram CemeteryAll cemeteries are under constant budgetary issues. Starting a Grave Care Business is a win-win solution.

Shrubs need to be trimmed, grass needs to be mowed, and general plot maintenance needs to be undertaken.  Cemeteries, ALL CEMETERIES, require constant upkeep. Likewise, ALL CEMETERIES face budgetary issues.

Cemeteries – low on money

While researching a cemetery in Dayton, Tennessee, I found a newspaper article with pleas from the Perpetual Care Organization (PCO). This cemetery is in dire need of funds. To continue upkeep of their cemetery, the PCO is requesting $40 annually from every family who has members interred there. The newspaper article does not mention the number of different families. However, Find-A-Grave lists over 3,000 burials. Multiply a percentage of this number by $40 and you can see for yourself there is a lot money in cemetery maintenance.

I have been a firm believer, for almost 2 decades, that the answer to this problem lies with private Grave Care Business owners. Grave care business owners take care of plot maintenance, mowing, floral decoration placement (and removal), tombstone cleaning, basic upkeep, cemetery mapping, and many other services. Business owners contact family members with lists of services and they bill those families on an “as-needed” or on a “contractual” basis.

Make money offering Grave Care Services

An independent grave care business owner alleviates the pressure on cemetery management.  By shifting a portion of the workload to the business owner, cemetery management resources are freed up to take care of the larger maintenance items.

Families are relieved too.  When hiring a Grave Care Business, family members can cater and request services based on their needs and desires.  The work is performed to their standards.  They  get personalized care for their loved-one’s grave site.  They are willing to pay good money for these services.

Grave Care – A Rewarding Small Business

Grave care is a rewarding business.  It’s beneficial to cemetery management.  It’s beneficial to families who want the best of care for their loved-one’s grave site.  And, it’s beneficial to the business owner who makes good money providing these services.

You can start and operate your own grave care business with our professionally produced Grave Care Business Course.  Learn more about our course by clicking the link below:

Grave Care Business Course

Grave Care – March 2017

spring cemetery
The exact moment of springtime – 2014

Springtime Grave Care – In Like A Lion

Across the country, springtime is coming to us in rapid fashion.  Look at the news.  There is harsh weather everywhere.  Here in the southeast, there have been super-cell thunderstorms and a few tornado warnings.

High winds bring down tree limb and cause general disarray to cemetery grounds.  These problems are an amazing source of opportunities for Grave Care Business owners.

Storms Damage Local Cemeteries

We’ve been out in the local cemeteries this month picking up branches, chainsawing problematic trees, and generally tidying things up.  I have to admit, it’s hard work but it’s fun work.  And, it’s VERY rewarding work.

Do you love cemeteries?
Do you love helping people?
Do you love making great money?
Do you love fulfilling and rewarding work?

If any of these are true, have you considered starting a Grave Care Business?

Start A Grave Care Business

You don’t have to be handy with a chainsaw.  There are lots of other services you can offer your clients.

  1. General plot maintenance.
  2. Grave side floral decoration placement.
  3. Tombstone cleaning.

These are just 3 of the services you can offer.  We cover many other services in our professionally produced Grave Care Business Course.

Check out our main page to learn more about the Grave Care course. There is a tremendous amount of information and business tools to help you learn how to do this business.  If you have any questions about the course (before or after your purchase), let me know.

Best of luck this spring….right now is a perfect time to get started.