Grave Care – March 2017

spring cemetery
The exact moment of springtime – 2014

Springtime Grave Care – In Like A Lion

Across the country, springtime is coming to us in rapid fashion.  Look at the news.  There is harsh weather everywhere.  Here in the southeast, there have been super-cell thunderstorms and a few tornado warnings.

High winds bring down tree limb and cause general disarray to cemetery grounds.  These problems are an amazing source of opportunities for Grave Care Business owners.

Storms Damage Local Cemeteries

We’ve been out in the local cemeteries this month picking up branches, chainsawing problematic trees, and generally tidying things up.  I have to admit, it’s hard work but it’s fun work.  And, it’s VERY rewarding work.

Do you love cemeteries?
Do you love helping people?
Do you love making great money?
Do you love fulfilling and rewarding work?

If any of these are true, have you considered starting a Grave Care Business?

Start A Grave Care Business

You don’t have to be handy with a chainsaw.  There are lots of other services you can offer your clients.

  1. General plot maintenance.
  2. Grave side floral decoration placement.
  3. Tombstone cleaning.

These are just 3 of the services you can offer.  We cover many other services in our professionally produced Grave Care Business Course.

Check out our main page to learn more about the Grave Care course. There is a tremendous amount of information and business tools to help you learn how to do this business.  If you have any questions about the course (before or after your purchase), let me know.

Best of luck this spring….right now is a perfect time to get started.



Leaf Maintenance in an Autumn Cemetery

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?

cemetery_leaf_maintenanceCemetery Leaf Maintenance

The leaves on the trees were tenacious this year.  Summer’s drought and a lack of mid-autumn storms allowed leaves to remain on trees longer than expected.

However, with last week’s high winds and heavy rains, the leaves have finally let loose from their branches.  Falling to the ground, leaf piles need to be cleaned up before they make huge winter messes in our local cemeteries.

This is the time of year Grave Care companies can make a lot of money performing basic plot maintenance for your customers.  Whether you are work on whole-cemetery cleanup or if you are performing single jobs for individual clients, this is an important season for Grave Care Business owners.

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?  We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course designed to teach you how to operate your own Grave Care Business offering plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, floral decorations, and many other Grave Care related services.

Please read through our entire site to learn more about the Grave Care Business Course

Grave Care Business in Big Demand – Non-Perpetual Care Cemeteries

Non-perpetual Care Cemetery

Heavy undergrowth damages tombstones and grave markers in Atlanta’s Hollywood Cemetery.
Grave Care Business Owners Make Great Money Maintaining Grave Plots

As budget cuts deteriorate the availability of paid workers at perpetual care cemeteries, cemetery management companies are forced to reduce the amount of maintenance performed by their workers. “It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to properly care for large cemeteries” say representatives from “We find that cemetery management companies are in a continual struggle to reduce their payroll costs. In some cemeteries, this means the gravesites must be maintained by the families of the interred.” A new niche business idea is growing in popularity that allows entrepreneurs to make money providing grave site services. is a website that provides instructions to people who want to start their own Grave Care Businesses. “Grave Care is an ideal business for people who work well by themselves and want to make good money providing grave care for families who can’t do the work themselves.”

Tombstone Damage Cemetery

Non-perpetual care cemeteries are of particular interest to grave care business owners. Family members whose loved-ones are buried in non-perpetual care cemeteries are often willing to pay for services not provided by the cemeteries. “Floral placement, grave stone cleaning, and general plot maintenance are just 3 services provided by many grave care business owners.” The spokesperson for emphasizes that most Managed Care Cemeteries normally do a great job of mowing the grass and performing general upkeep but fine detail work is often omitted or underperformed. “We find family members are very willing to pay someone to keep the gravesite up to their standards. Often, an elderly spouse can no longer visit the gravesite and adult children have moved away from home.”

Neglected Cemetery

Charging people money for grave care is a niche business and there is very little competition for these services. Many communities do not have anyone in the area offering the specific service of floral placement, plot maintenance, and tombstone cleaning. There are also other services such as grave sitting and grave stone resetting. “I began this service when an elderly lady I knew asked me to mow the grass around her husband’s grave site. It was a new and exciting business venture. I love exploring old cemeteries and I began making money doing something I loved to do anyway.” was founded to help people start their own grave care businesses.

There is a huge demand for grave care services across the nation. Some cemeteries are well maintained but there are a great many large and small cemeteries that are not cared for properly. “We are continually visiting cemeteries where grave plots are unmaintained. Family members will pay good money if someone is just willing to do the work. Starting a Grave Care Business takes a little bit of work. Grave Care is a rewarding business where you are truly helping others and making good money working in the peaceful surrounding of your local cemeteries.” offers a professionally produced Grave Care Business training course to help people start and operate their own successful Grave Care Businesses. For more information, visit their main website: (link below)

Grave Care and Maintenance Business


Grave Care and Cemetery Maintenance – Looking ahead to 2018

grave yard sun set
Grave Yard Sunset

Sunset In The Cemetery – After a Most Peaceful Day’s Work.

Today (January 5, 2015), the first work day of the new year, I found myself engulfed in projects I’ve been promising and goals I have wanted to accomplish since early December. Time passed seamlessly and before I knew the day was drawing to a close I looked up to see a most beautiful sunset.

The new year is a chance to refresh and renew and to set goals to accomplish.

In this new year, I know you have many goals of your own to accomplish. I would love to year your main goal. Is it to become more physically fit? Start eating right? Make more money? Find work you enjoy? Start your own business?

If you have read through this website, you have learned that we offer a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course. This course is designed to help you start and operate your own successful Grave Care Business. The course has recently been updated and it is a perfect way for you to start the new year.

If you love cemeteries and have ever though about start a business providing these services, this course is perfect for you. We monitor this site daily and we will ship your parcel as soon as we receive your order.

Grave Care Business – Three Course Levels

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

Grave Care Business – Work Van

Grave Care Work Van
A functional work vehicle will increase the money you make in your business.

Grave Care Business – a versatile business vehicle will help you make more money in your grave care business.

Hi Everyone:

I added a new Grave Care Business work van last month.

This van has already positively improved my effectiveness working in cemeteries. If you are thinking about starting your own Grave Care Business, proper vehicle selection will help your business run smoother and more profitably.

Functionality is one of the reasons I chose this van. In addition to professional appearance and proper service, the work van adds functionality to my business. Last week, I had a small landscaping job and the van proved its functionality. This job included hauling and spreading straw over a newly landscaped plot. Straw provides erosion control. I was not driving my company’s work truck when I needed the straw. So, instead of heading back to the office for the work truck, I simply stowed the seats in the back of the van and loaded the straw through the rear hatch.

Grave Care Business owners often have the need for functional vehicles. We often carry straw, tomb stone cleaning materials, or floral decorations. Owning a functional and versatile business vehicle greatly improves effectiveness in business operations.

Have you ever thought about starting your own grave care business? Whether you want to provide plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, or other grave care services, our professionally produced Grave Care Business Course will help you start & grow your own Grave Care Business.

For more information on the course, please visit our main website by clicking this link:

Grave Care Business

Grave Care – Business Vehicle Selection

Hi All:

Keith here from

Proper vehicle selection for your Grave Care Business will make a huge difference in the functioning and profitability of your business. Our Grave Care Business Instruction Course includes a Vehicle Buyer’s Guidebook to help you choose the correct vehicle for your business.

The correct business vehicle does not have to cost a lot of money. In fact, we outline great strategies in acquiring a great affordable business vehicle that will bring in more money for your business than it costs.

As part of our regular podcast, I filmed this quick segment to introduce the idea of proper business vehicle selection for people who are performing grave care, cemetery plot maintenance, and tombstone cleaning:

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check back to our website regularly for updates.

We are passionate about cemeteries and are always happy to help you start your own Grave Care Business


Autumn Grave Care and Cemetery Maintenance

Autumn Grave Maintenance
Beautiful Autumn Cemetery
As summer’s effects diminish, autumn’s colors accentuate the beauty of almost every cemetery I visit. I love this time of year and as we journey headlong into the fall season cemetery & grave maintenance and grave care duties will become more enjoyable and more abundant.

Ahhhh….FALL. Leaves change colors and litter the ground with their crunchy golden gown. As pretty as fall colors are, they bring tremendous opportunities for everyone operating grave care businesses. Fall cleanup is a busy time of year in cemeteries as leaves must be cleared away. It is also a time of year when bright summer floral grave decorations give way to more seasonally appropriate colors. Additionally, it is a perfect time of year to perform minor landscaping jobs (as cemetery regulations allow), tombstone cleaning, and pre-winter prep.

If you run a grave care business, it will pay you to inform your clients about your autumn grave care services. The next few months will be very busy for you.

If you haven’t started your grave care business yet, we would like to invite you to learn about our Grave Care Business course. This is a comprehensive training course that will teach you practically everything you need to know to start and operate a successful Grave Care Business.

Please visit our main webpage: []

Grave Care Decorations and Memorial Day: Grave Care Business

Reuben Ferris - Revolutionary War Soldier's Grave Site
American Flag Placed on Revolutionary War Soldier's grave site
Memorial Day is the next big holiday that will have family members thinking about grave care and decorations for their loved ones’ grave sites. Memorial Day is a day of remembering all those who died in Wars while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Cemeteries such as Arlington and other National Cemeteries have dedicated crews who spend many hours placing decorations on the graves of soldiers. However, most other cemeteries rely on family members to pay special respect to soldiers. Unfortunately, family members are sometimes unable to visit the gravesites of their loved ones. If spouses are in ill-health or family members have moved away, grave sites are often neglected.

If you have ever thought about starting a Grave Care Business, Memorial Day is a perfect time to start.

There is a great need for Grave Care Businesses. The services you offer include: grave site decoration for special days (such as Memorial Day), tombstone cleaning, plot maintenance, and many other services. We have developed a comprehensive training tutorial that will teach you how to start, expand, and successfully operate a Grave Care Business.

For more information, please click the “Grave Care Business” link at the top of this page.

If you’re late starting your business, don’t worry. There are plenty of other holidays – such as Father’s Day in June.

Autumn Grave Care and Cemetery Maintenance

Grave Care and Maintenance during Autumn
Autumn Grave Care & Cemetery Maintenance

As much as I love springtime, summer, (and even winter) I REALLY LOVE autumn weather and its beauty as its color unfolds in our local cemeteries.

The trees in our area of the country will show their full autumn colors in a few weeks.  The golden glow in the air and the crisp crunch underfoot makes me so happy that I am able to spend my days working my business in such beautiful surroundings.

Autumn presents many opportunities if you run your own grave care maintenance business.   Not only are there leaves to clear away from cemetery plots, this is also a good time to perform needed small landscaping projects desired by your customers.  You will be called upon to replace summer floral grave decorations with autumn color themes and, if photography and videography is part of your service offerings, the next few months are absolutly perfect to get fantastic photographs and video.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care & Grave Site Maintenance Business, right now is perfect time to get started.  We have developed a comprehensive Grave Care Business program that will teach you practically everything you could want to know about starting and operating a successful business.

For more information about our business program, please visit our main website listed below:

Grave Care & Grave Site Business