Gravestone Damage Caused By Lawn Mowers

information on how to avoid damaging gravestones when you are mowing cemetery grave plots.

cemetery lawn mower damage

Gravestone Damage Caused By Lawn Mowers

When I visit a cemetery and look at gravestones, my biggest pet peeve is seeing damaging work performed by careless workers.

One of the most notoriously damaging pieces of equipment in a cemetery is the riding lawn mower. Particularly, large Zero-Turn-Radius lawn mowers operated by neglectful lawn mower operators cause extensive damage. In cemeteries during lawn mowing season, lawn mower operators are often in a big hurry to finish their mowing jobs. They speed between headstones and zoom up & down rows of grave markers. Their rubber tires grind the ground and their large mowing decks scalp the earth. More damaging than what they do to the ground, however, is the damaging effect they have on gravestones.

Here are two examples of damage caused by lawn mowers. In both of these instances, gravestone material has been scraped away by mower decks. In the third picture, I have reason to believe the monument might have been toppled after being run into, repeatedly, by a neglectful lawn care operator.

gravestone damage mowing

grave stone damage

If you plan to offer grass cutting in your grave care business, please make the effort to choose proper equipment. Also, operate that equipment properly to avoid damaging tombstones and the graves you are supposed to be manicuring.

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Start A Grave Care Business

October 2017 – Grave Care Business

By starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be able to make good money providing proper grave care and cemetery maintenance.

October is an interesting month for Grave Care Business owners.

October is a month when many people become interested in cemeteries.  Mostly, this is due to Halloween falling on the last day of October.  There is kind of a spooky weird aspect to the fascination of cemeteries in October.

I fully understand this spooky weird fascination…I like Halloween, too.

However, Grave Care is NOT about the spooky weird fascination of cemeteries.  Grave Care is about proven services that will allow you to start your very own business.  Grave Care includes: plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, floral decorations, and many other services to properly maintain grave sites.

This is a niche business.  While not a lot of people provide these services, there is a huge demand.  Some cemeteries offer basic grounds maintenance but their work often lacks finishing touches.  After one spouse dies, the other spouse normally tries to maintain the grave site, properly and visit on a regular basis.  However, age or ill health often prevents the remaining spouse from performing upkeep exactly they way they want to.   Adult children often move away from their hometowns or they are just too busy.  However, they ARE willing to pay good money for proper care.

By starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be able to make good money providing proper grave care and cemetery maintenance.

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Cemetery Vandalism and your Grave Care Business

Grave Care Business Owners Deter Vandalism

Cemetery Vandalism

Hi Everyone:

I want to address the serious subject of Cemetery Vandalism.  This is a subject very close to my heart.  We can do something to combat this serious problem.  It is my opinion that proper Cemetery Maintenance and Grave Care dissuades vandals from causing destruction to graveyards.

As a Grave Care Business owner, you can make a difference.

I cannot imagine why anyone would desecrate a cemetery or an individual’s gravesite. However, this is an ongoing problem. Cemetery management and families of those buried in these cemeteries
are looking for answers.

Well, I have some answers to help abate this problem.

Cemetery Vandalism is a Big Problem

I have studied cemeteries where vandalism takes place. I often find reoccurring themes that are common.  Cemeteries in decline and ones that don’t have many concerned visitors on a daily basis are often at risk of being vandalized.

I have been associated with Grave Care for many years and I help people start their own Grave Care Businesses. I can tell you that proper care and maintenance is vital to a cemetery’s long-term preservation.

So, how can a grave care business help solve this problem?

Grave Care Business Owners Dissuade Cemetery Vandals

Grave Care Business owners provide many services of upkeep for entire cemeteries and individual’s grave sites.  They provide plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, and floral decoration placement in addition to many other services.

These activities give cemeteries a cared-for appearance. Since you will be there on a routine basis, you will help dissuade people who cause damage. Also, you can properly document instances of vandalism to help police find the culprits.

Owners of the cemeteries will be glad you are there, family members will gladly pay you for your services, and YOU will be operating your own business and making a positive difference for your community.
It is a Win-Win-Win solution.

I am not an anomaly and neither are you.

Start Your Own Grave Care Business

If you have an interest in cemeteries and have ever though about starting your own business, I hope you will read though our website.  We have developed a professionally produced business course that will help you start & grow your own Grave Care Business.

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Cemeteries Face Budget Pressures – Good News For Grave Care Business Owners

Perpetual Care of Buttram CemeteryAll cemeteries are under constant budgetary issues. Starting a Grave Care Business is a win-win solution.

Shrubs need to be trimmed, grass needs to be mowed, and general plot maintenance needs to be undertaken.  Cemeteries, ALL CEMETERIES, require constant upkeep. Likewise, ALL CEMETERIES face budgetary issues.

Cemeteries – low on money

While researching a cemetery in Dayton, Tennessee, I found a newspaper article with pleas from the Perpetual Care Organization (PCO). This cemetery is in dire need of funds. To continue upkeep of their cemetery, the PCO is requesting $40 annually from every family who has members interred there. The newspaper article does not mention the number of different families. However, Find-A-Grave lists over 3,000 burials. Multiply a percentage of this number by $40 and you can see for yourself there is a lot money in cemetery maintenance.

I have been a firm believer, for almost 2 decades, that the answer to this problem lies with private Grave Care Business owners. Grave care business owners take care of plot maintenance, mowing, floral decoration placement (and removal), tombstone cleaning, basic upkeep, cemetery mapping, and many other services. Business owners contact family members with lists of services and they bill those families on an “as-needed” or on a “contractual” basis.

Make money offering Grave Care Services

An independent grave care business owner alleviates the pressure on cemetery management.  By shifting a portion of the workload to the business owner, cemetery management resources are freed up to take care of the larger maintenance items.

Families are relieved too.  When hiring a Grave Care Business, family members can cater and request services based on their needs and desires.  The work is performed to their standards.  They  get personalized care for their loved-one’s grave site.  They are willing to pay good money for these services.

Grave Care – A Rewarding Small Business

Grave care is a rewarding business.  It’s beneficial to cemetery management.  It’s beneficial to families who want the best of care for their loved-one’s grave site.  And, it’s beneficial to the business owner who makes good money providing these services.

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Cemeteries, Forest Fires, & Tombstone Cleaning

Cemeteries suffer under a thick canopy of forest fire smoke. Tombstone cleaning needed in the coming months.


Cemeteries suffer under a thick canopy of forest fire smoke. Tombstone cleaning needed in the coming months.

If you live anywhere near the southeast portion of the United States, you are probably aware of the current problem we are having with forest fires. These fires and the smoke they produce are having (and will continue to have) a lasting effect on cemeteries and tombstones. We predict an increased need for proper tombstone cleaning in the coming weeks and months.

The entire southeastern region of the United States has suffered through drought conditions for the entirety of this year. Because of this drought, the entire region is at increased risk of forest fires. The area in which I live is suffering through an unprecedented outbreak of wild fires. These fires are producing thick, choking smoke. Particulate matter in the atmosphere is at record levels. Visibility is near zero.

As the particulate matter in the sky settles, it will leave a film of sticky residue on all it touches. Tombstones and all grave markers will be affected by this residue. Grave care companies will likely see an increase in requests for tombstone cleaning. This is good for grave care business owners. The important aspect of this business is building a strong client base, doing the work properly, and charging the right amount of money so you can build a profitable company.

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Cemetery Grave Care – Autumn Grave Care Services

A Cemetery in Autumn.

I cannot think of anything better than to spend my days in a local cemetery. This is a beautiful time of year to be in your local cemetery. If you love the idea of working in your local cemeteries providing grave care services, graveside floral decorations, tombstone cleaning, and general gravesite plot maintenance then you should think about starting your own Grave Care Business.

We can help.

My name is Keith and my company has developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business training course. The course is designed to help you start (and grow) your own successful Grave Care Business. Please read over our main website for complete information on everything that is included with the course. If you have already read the description and are ready to order, click the “Buy Now” link below. We’ll ship the course to you promptly via rush Priority USPS.

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Cemetery Sunset – Long Shadows Remind Us To Seize The Day

Hi Everyone:

I finished up my day in a local cemetery just a few minutes ago. The sunset and the long shadows it cast inspired me to rush back to the office to write this quick blog post. The sun sets early here during November. And as the sun creeps ever southward, our shadows gain length over the ground. Autumn is my favorite time of year but, as winter advances, it always makes me think about the goals I set back in January.

cemetery sunset november

cemetery sunset shadow

What were your New Year’s Resolutions at the start of this year? Have you attained your goals for 2015?

My goal for 2015 was to be a better steward of neglected cemeteries. One of the ways I do this is by researching and writing about methods to cleanup old forgotten cemeteries. Another way I do it is by inspiring people to start their own Grave Care Businesses. It’s nice being able to make money doing something you love.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, there is no better time than right now. There Christmas season is coming up and there are a lot of people who want their family member’s gravesite cleaned up.

My company has developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Training Course. To learn more, please visit our main web page at the link below. You can order the training course directly through this website. The cost is $249.95 (+S&H) It’s a small price to pay for the huge amount of training guides, business tools, and estimating software.

2015 is almost over but there is still plenty of time to attain your goals for this year. I’ll continue to do my work and promise to try even harder in 2016.

My name is Keith and I am passionate about cemeteries and helping people start their own businesses.

Grave Care Business Training Course

Cemetery Leaf Cleanup

Cemetery Cleanup
Cemetery and Plot Maintenance is important for grave care

Cemeteries and grave plots require leaf cleanup work as we move into winter.

I just returned from a trip to upstate New York where it was chilly and snowy. Yet, even in the northern climates, cemeteries and grave plots still need lots of attention so they can be maintained through the winter. Leaf care, snow maintenance, and winterization are just three of the jobs requested of grave care business owners in the north.

Now that I have returned home to a more southern climate, I am reinvigorated with the thoughts of the amount of work (profitable business) still to be done in area cemeteries this year. Leaves are still falling, dead branches litter the ground from a recent storm, and next year’s grass should be planted NOW. Not only are regular maintenance duties calling but holiday grave site decorations are going to be in HUGE demand for the next four weeks.

If you have ever thought about starting a grave care business, we have developed a comprehensive business course designed to help you start and operate a successful grave care business. Visit our main site [] for more information on the business course.

How-to Run a “GREEN” Grave Care Business

Small businesses are rewarded by providing their services in an environmentally friendly manner. Grave care is no exception.

Small businesses are rewarded by providing their services in an environmentally friendly manner.  Grave care is no exception.

If you have read our Grave Care Business materials you know important we feel it is to operate your business as environmentally friendly as possible.  By saying this, we are not eco-fanatics.  However, we believe an eco-friendly business will be looked on favorably by your comunity, loved by your customers, and cost less money to operate.

The Grave Care Business program outlines many different services to offer your customers.  Today, we are giving you a brief overview of ways to make the landscape maintenance side of your business environmentally sound.

1)  Lawn Mower

If you Grave Care business normally does single plots, you will find it beneficial to use a push-style reel mower.  Reel mowers do not use gasoline thereby eliminating ozone destroying pollution.  Since they do not have engines they they practically producs no sound.  For larger areas and entire cemetery clean-ups feel free to use a powered mower but for single plots a reel mower is a great choice to cut the grass.

2)  Weedeater or String Trimmer

There aren’t many effective non-powered options to trim weeds.  Since 2-cycle engines are some of the most polluting lawn care equipment engines, if you are in the market for a weedeater, seriously consider purchasing a battery operated or a propane powered weedeater.  We have personally tested several models of battery and propane powered models.  The Lehr propane powered line trimmer is our favorite.  Though it is noisy like many weedeaters, it produces very low emissions and it runs for two hours on a 1 lb. bottle of propane.  As always, use caution with string trimmers around tombstones and grave markers.  The string can damage these stones.

3)  Plan your routes

Plan your routes so trips to the same cemetery coincide with each other.  Travel time is a huge waste of your resources.  Plan your jobs so all jobs in the same cemetery are performed on the same day.  One trip is much less wasteful than three or four trips.

These are just a few tips on how you can “green” your Grave Care business.  For our entire Grave Care Business package, visit our home page at: