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Grave Care Business Course
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February 2018:  Did the Groundhog see his shadow? Either way, springtime will be here before we know it. Right now, while we’re still in the winter months, is a perfect time to get your business off the ground and start building your client list before spring arrives. We’ll show you how.

We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course.  The course teaches you how to Start & Grow your own Grave Care Business.  Complete information below.


If you are fascinated with cemeteries, the architecture of tombs & gravestones,
and the ability to help people whose loved-ones have passed on,
a GRAVE CARE BUSINESS is perfect for you.

Start a Grave Care Business
with our professionally developed business course.

Let’s start by answering a few questions you may have.

What is a Grave Care Business?”

A Grave Care Maintenance Business offers service to people who want extra care given to their loved-ones’ grave sites.  Floral Decorations.  Plot Maintenance.  Tombstone Cleaning.  Plus many other services.  Our program covers many of the services  you have already thought about such as flower decoration, plot maintenance, and mowing services. We also cover many other services your customers will love.

There is great demand.  It’s easy to start small and then grow your business as your client base rapidly expands.

Below are just a few examples of the many tutorials offered in our Grave Care Business Course.

Learn how to provide season plot maintenance, erosion control, mowing, seeding, &
general grounds maintenance.

Learn how to make great money placing Grave Side Floral Decorations.  The opportunities for this side of the business are immense.
(Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More)

Tombstone & Gravestone Cleaning is a VERY important part of this business.  If you decide to offer this service, your clients will pay great money for properly cleaned gravestones.
This is very rewarding work.

tombstone_resetThe course includes a fantastic introduction to tombstone maintenance.  As your business grows you will improve your tombstone repair knowledge increasing the services you can offer your clients.

Is Grave Care an easy business to start?”

With very little competition and tremendous customer demand, this is an excellent start-up business.  It has long-term potential.  You can start a small.  There is high profit potential in a short time.  This is a personal and very rewarding business.  It is easy to start with our program.

Why are you offering this program? What is your experience?”

The reason we are offering this program is because we are passionate about cemeteries.  There are too many under-maintained cemeteries.  Families of people buried in those cemeteries are desperate for someone they can depend on.

We first started offering plot maintenance services way back in the 1990’s.
Since then, our experience with grave sites has expanded in many areas.  Plot maintenance,
floral decorations, tombstone cleaning, & entire cemetery upkeep are all services requested by customers.

What is included with the Grave Care Business course?”

The Grave Care Business Course teaches you practically everything you need to know to start, grow, & expand your Grave Care Business.
Below is a list of some of the topics and business tools included with the program:

Business Startup:

– Learn how to set up your business – Business Licenses, Insurance, Permits, Financing, Tools
– Learn about the different services to offer your clients.
– Learn how to PRICE your services – This is difficult for many people.  We spend a lot of time teaching     you how much money to charge your customers.  This can be a delicate subject….we understand.
– Learn PROPER practices of working in cemeteries.


Services To Offer Customers:

There are many services to offer your customers.
Services include: Plot Maintenance, Grave Decorations, Flower Delivery, Tombstone Cleaning, Message Delivery, Sitting Services, Photography & Videography, and many others.  We cover all of these (and more) in the program.

Some people who purchase our course want to provide grounds maintenance for entire cemeteries. We show you how to bid contracts for larger-scale work.

Note:  We also show you several areas of the business to avoid.  Some services turn into bigger headaches than they are worth.  We’ll share an inside perspective on which services to avoid, and why.


Marketing & Advertising:

As you can imagine, advertising should be handled very respectfully.  The marketing sections within the course teach you how build a very strong client base with respectful advertising.


Pricing Guidance:

As mentioned above, pricing is a difficult concept to understand on your own.
If you price your services too high, you will lose customers.  If you price too low you will lose money.
Our pricing manual gives you a firm understanding of how to price your services properly.

Estimating Software – The “EXTENDED” and “FULL” versions of the program include estimating software to help you develop a strong pricing strategy.


Business Toolkit:

The program includes a large business toolkit including:
Forms, Worksheets, Checklists, Business Letters, Contract Agreement
Examples, Bidding and Proposal Forms, and Much More.



If you ever have questions, let us know (before or after you purchase the course).
We are available to offer support on the phone or answer your questions via email.



We offer three versions of the Grave Care Business course.
For complete information on everything that is included in each course,
please visit our “Course Overview” page.

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