How To Start A Grave Care Business


How To Make Money With A Grave Care Business

Are you passionate about cemeteries? Have you ever thought how neat it would be to start a Grave Care Business?
I’ve had a passion for cemeteries since childhood. It thrills me to derive an income following my love of cemeteries.
If this sounds great to you, why not take the steps to start your own business?

These 5 tips will help you on your way to starting your own Grave Care Business.

1) Assess the demand for grave care in your area.

To determine your local level of demand, take a quick look at the number of cemeteries in your area. You will find dozens (or hundreds) of cemeteries in your immediate area. You will find many types of cemeteries: private, managed care, family, churchyard, community & volunteer, and neglected & abandoned cemeteries.
They ALL require specialized care.
We will show you how to start your own Grave Care Business by providing: plot maintenance, grave flowers, grave stone cleaning, and more.

2) Check local competition for similar businesses.

Do a quick Google Search for Grave Care companies in your area. In most areas, there is little (or zero) competition. Even if there is someone else already doing grave care, there is plenty of opportunity for your company to do a better job.

3) Determine your “menu of services.”

Grave plot maintenance, flower placement, and tombstone cleaning are the ‘big 3’ grave services. We show you these services plus many other services to offer your clients. Tombstone resetting, plot landscaping, message delivery, photography & videography, cemetery mapping, and many other services will be of interest to your clients.

4) Determine your need for licenses and permits.

Rules and regulations vary from one state to the next and from one cemetery to the next. It is particularly important to pay adherence to the local laws regulating cemeteries in your community.

5) Advertise your Grave Care Business.

Marketing for this business is unlike any other business. This is very personal for your clients. Your potential clients are sensitive about this and they don’t want to feel like you are strictly advertising to make money off them. Sensitive advertising is vital to gaining and building a strong client list of satisfied clients who will trust your business and the services you provide.

Of course there is MUCH MORE to operating a Grave Care Business than just these 5 steps.

If you think this is a business you would like to start, please read through our website to learn more about us.

We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business Course designed to help you start and operate your own business.
Our Course Overview page shows you everything that is included in the business program.

If you have any questions, please let us know through our contact page.

Cemeteries in Autumn – Life with a Higher Purpose

Autumn in a Cemetery
Autumn Leaves and Cemetery Graves

Autumn leaves and cemetery graves.

Autumn is a perfect time to start a grave care business. Fantastic weather and lots of work to be performed makes grave care a rewarding and profitable small business.

Grave plot maintenance, floral decorations, and tombstone cleaning are just three of the many niche grave care services we cover in the grave care business guidebook section of our grave care business course.

The Grave Care Business Course will help you start and grow your own grave care business. Comprehensive course with instructions, tutorials, video training guides, business toolkit, and estimating software.

If you are tired of working for someone else and want to start your own rewarding and profitable small business, watch this short video below. Grave care is not your typical business. Grave care is a meaningful business that truly helps people. They will be grateful for the work you do. Grave care is a rewarding business that will give your life higher purpose.

For complete information and ordering instructions, visit our main Grave Care Business website at:
Grave Care Business Instruction Course

Grave Care Business – Christmas Shipping

Christmas Grave Decorations
Christmas Grave Decorations - Start A Business
Hi Everyone:

If you (or someone you love) have ever thought about starting your own business offering grave care services, our comprehensive grave care training course will help you learn how to start and grow your grave care and grave site maintenance business.

Starting correctly is an important part of operating a successful business. With the new year approaching, it is a perfect time to start your own business and have it fully functioning at the beginning of the year.

A couple of our customers have purchased the Grave Care Business Course as gifts for their family members. They had two particular questions for us.

1) Is the material mailed promptly and will it arrive in time for Christmas. The answer to this question is “Yes.” We shipped the package via USPS Priority Mail. Normal delivery time is about 3 to 4 days. With the holiday rush, we recommend you order as early as possible and your package will be mailed quickly.

2) This is a gift, will it be mailed discreetly? Yes, the “FULL” version is mailed in a USPS Priority Mail Box. You can simply wrap it and place it under the tree. The CD-Only versions are mailed to you in a secure padded envelope. We do not identify the contents of the package. So, it will truly be a surprise on Christmas morning.

If you have any questions for us, please let us know. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas season.

Grave Care Business

Start your own Grave Care business.

Have you ever wanted to start your own Grave Care and Grave Site Maintenance business?

Have you ever wanted to start your own Grave Care and Grave Site Maintenance business?
Start A Grave Care Maintenance Business

Click the play button to watch this video.

Grave Care Maintenance for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the best weekends of the year for anyone involved in the Grave Care Maintenance Business.

Hi Everyone.  I hope you are all having a great spring and that your Grave Care Business  is going great guns so far this year.

I just want to take a couple minutes to jump on here to remind you that Mother’s Day is this weekend (May 05, 2010).  Mother’s Day is one of the best weekends of the year for anyone involved in the Grave Care Maintenance Business. 

Spring is a time of heavy grass growth.  If you are performing plot maintenance for your customers, this is a perfect weekend to acquire new customers and add addition services to your current customers’ contracts.  Also many people want decorations placed at their Mother’s grave site so it looks good all weekend, especially on Sunday.  Your floral supplier should be able to stock you with plenty of decoration for your customers.  Also, remember to speak with your floral suppliers on Monday.  Many of them will be left with excess inventory that they will sell you at a great discount.  You can pass the savings along to your customers next week.

As you are attracting new customers this weekend, don’t neglect to speak with them about yearly contracts and your package deals for holidays.  

If you haven’t yet started your Grave Care Business or if you are just looking for some guidance on running your business and making more money, check out our Grave Care Business package on our main webpage:

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

he wants to start a Grave Care Maintenance Business

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

We received a telephone call over the weekend from a retired gentleman who is interested in starting his own Grave Care Maintenance Business

After a full and long career he wants to start a Grave Care Maintenance Business to help many of his acquaintances that can no longer care for their loved-one’s grave sites.  General plot maintenance, floral decorating, and research of old cemeteries are his main interested.  We spoke for a few minutes of his reason for starting the business.  He wants to stay active in his 70’s and into his 80’s. 

This man is an inspiration and it made me think about the poem by Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.”  The poem speaks of our need to rage against becoming old.  We should not quietly relinquish the fire that burns in young men’s eyes. 

For this gentleman, starting a business caring for burial plots and providing cemetery cleanup services will keep his fire burning.

To read Dylan Thomas’ poem, visit Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

Maintaining a neglected cemetery.

you are interested in maintaining the historic value of cemeteries you should think about starting a Grave Care Maintenance Business.

A recent news article caught out attention over the Memorial Day weekend. The news article concerns a cemetery in West Virginia that is not being taken care of properly.

Most notable is the claim that the cemetery’s grounds maintenance crew is improperly handling their lawn care equipment and causing damage to tombstones.

If you have read our Grave Care Business program you know the importance of proper lawn equipment handling to eliminate damage done to grave markers by lawn mowers and weedeaters. Grave stone are easily damaged by lawn equipment and the grounds crew at this cemetery should be trained in proper procedure.

The news article also highlights, at least in our minds, the need for a Grave Care Company in this West Virginia town. Look at the heartache of the families that have loved-ones buried at this cemetery. They shouldn’t have to face damaged tomb stones and poorly maintained grave sites. Families hurt by improper grave care from a cemetery company are willing to pay good money to an outside company to properly care for these grave sites.

If you are thinking about starting a small business in your community and if you are interested in maintaining the historic value of cemeteries you should think about starting a Grave Care Maintenance Business.  You may never have thought about a Grave Care Business.  There is much more to this business than grounds maintenance and you can build a lucrative business offering many Grave Site related services.  Visit our home page to learn how you can get started with your own Grave Care Business. Our program is on sale right now through this website.

Overgrown cemetery plot.

How do I charge for overgrown and neglected cemetery plots…

How much money to charge for an overgrown cemetery plot a customer wants you to clean up.

Today’s blog post is a questions from a recent customer who purchased the Grave Care Business package.

“Hello.  I am focusing on grounds maintenance in my new Grave Care Business.   A recent new customer wanted me to care for her husband’s grave site.  She knows I charge $25 to maintain a double plot but when I got there the grass was knee high.  It hadn’t been cut in over a year.  How much money do I charge for overgrown and neglected cemetery plots and what’s the best method of cutting high grass so it looks good?”

Overgrown cemetery plots normally require at least 1 1/2 times your typical charge. Sometimes, you should charge double depending how much additional work is involved.

When grass is very high you will need to make at least two passes with your lawn mower.  Set your blades as high as they will go for your first pass. Use a straight-line mowing pattern (left-right or front-back). When you are finished with the first pass, rake excess clumped grass and remove it from the cemetery plot.

Now, lower your blades to the correct height for that type grass and make a second pass. For the second pass, choose a different mowing pattern. If you did left-right on your first pass, mow front-back for your second pass.

It is important to rake excess grass away.  Unkempt gass will never look good after your first service. Once grass gets leggy, stems close to the ground become thick and discolored. Let your customer know it will take at least two services before it begins to look like a lawn again.

After your initial servicing of an unmanicured grave site, resume your standard charge as long as the customer agrees to regular servicing.

Don’t forget, the Grave Care Business program includes a large pricing guidebook that tells you how much to charge for certain services.

Visit our home page for more information.

Hard work comes before smart work.

Allow us to help you with much of the smart work in starting your Grave Care Business. We have done much of the leg work for you.

by: Grave Care Business Program

A Business Adage Gets Debunked

A business professor during my senior year in college used to tell us to “work smart, not hard.”  His words have stuck with me through the years.  Every time I face a new challenge I think back to his posture in front of a classroom full of students yelling his motivations.

Something has struck me recently though which may act to debunk his famous words.  It seems, no matter how smart I think I am, working hard must always come before I am able to work smart.

Have you ever known people who always seems to have all the right answers (at least they think they do) but they are never willing to put in the hard work to make their smarts pay off?  What do you notice about people like that?  The thing I’ve noticed is that that they are always out-thinking themselves.  They always have a better idea but they never get anything done. 

Now, I’m certainly not against working smart.   Education is the path to a fulfilled life.  But, when starting your own business such as a Grave Care Business, hard work, in the long run, will be the key to your success.

Sometimes smart work is hard work.  The Grave Care Business program has already taken care of much of the hard work.  Allow us to help you with much of the smart work in starting your Grave Care Business.  We have done much of the leg work for you.  Once you read through the business training course we provide you will see there is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Simply follow the proven methods and offer the proven services to your customers and you will find you smart work and hard work will come much easier.

For more information on the Grave Care Maintenance business, visit our home page at the link above.

Grave Care Business. 10 Reasons to start now.

10 Reasons to start your own grave care business.

10 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Grave
Care Business

If you want to start a small, highly profitable business, please
take a minute to consider purchasing our Grave Care Business
program. This is a huge business package to help you get started.

1) Set your own hours:

If you want to work a few hours per week in
your spare time or if you want to work full time year-round, the opportunities
are all yours in a grave care business. It really depends on you and your goals.
One of the purchasers of our program does all his work in the mornings and he
finishes before noon three days per week. Other people work 40 hours per week
year round. Whatever your goals, our grave care business program will help you
get there.

2) Unlimited income:

We will not tell you that you can make
$10,000 per month in your spare time. But we will tell you this, if you start
your business right and if you expand your business intelligently, you can make
a tremendous income. Also, as you add crews and employees, they will do the work
and make money for you. If you just want to work a few hours each week in the
summer, you can make great money but if you want to work hard and grow your
business, your income is virtually unlimited.

3) Work outside, have fun:

Grave care is fun and fulfilling work . You
get to work outside in beautiful surroundings. It is peaceful work and it gives
you time to contemplate nature and your environment as you are providing
services to your customers.

4) Buy "toys" like grounds equipment, digital cameras,
decorating supplies, etc:

One of my favorite parts of this business
is being able to look at, test out, and buy great equipment. If you like going
to hardware stores and equipment trade shows then this is an added bonus to your
grave care business. Spring-time is always fun when dealers are begging you to
test out the new spring line up. Better yet, most of the "toys" you purchase for
your business are tax deductible.

5) Work year-round or only during the summer:

Along about September when the grass growth
slows many people think that the grounds maintenance side of their business
winds down for the winter. Nothing is farther from the truth. There are SO MANY
other jobs that you will be able to do for customers that you can stay busy
year-round. Our program illustrates many business ideas that you can use to keep
the money rolling in all 12 months. Actually, some of the customers that have
purchased our program say that they make more during the fall and winter than
they do in the summer.

6) Start your grave care business on a shoestring:

A common question we are asked by people
wanting to start a grave care business is "how much will it cost to start?" Here
is a secret that not many people know. We started our business with less than
$300 worth of equipment. Where else can you start a legitimate business for
under $300?

Don’t make the mistake of over buying incorrect equipment. The grave care business program includes an equipment
selection guide to help you purchase the correct equipment for your business.

7) Decide the types of jobs you want:

You might want to focus on small grounds
maintenance jobs. Or, you might want to go after the photography side of the
business. We outline many area of this business which are proven money makers.

8) Community Relationships:

When word gets out that you own your own
grave care business, you will be surprised how many new and interesting people
you will meet. You will get to bid on maintenance contracts in your town. Also,
churches and cemeteries in your town will contact you to offer you work. This
will introduce you to a wide variety of people in your area opening up many more
opportunities for you.

9) Long term never ending supply of grave care customers:

Most clients that hire you will be your
customers for years and years. There is a very low turn over rate and customer
retention is very stable. Word-of-mouth advertising will help bring more and
more customers to your business.

10) Work from home:

It is true that you will have to leave your
home in order to go out and do your work. But, in most communities, it is
perfectly legal to run a grave care business out of your home if you follow the
guidelines we show you within the Grave Care Business package.