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We offer 3 versions of the Grave Care Business program.
The Basic Version is a good general overview of the business and what you can expect when beginning.  The Extended Version contains a tremendous amount of information, tutorials, business tools, and estimating software to help with your business.  The Full Version goes the extra mile with additional modules, advertising tools, estimating software, and even more tutorials to help you become successful.  If you have any questions or need help ordering, please let us know.  We are always happy to help.

Features included in each version: Basic
Grave Care Business Course
A huge Frequently Asked Questions section that answers the immediate questions you will have about starting and operating your grave care business.
Start Up Manual:
Covers Business Startup, Licensing & Permitting Requirements.
Services Guidebook:
Shows you which services to offer, how to perform those services, and how much money to charge your customers. This is
an ENORMOUS guidebook and is well worth the cost of the entire course.
(Hint from us: get the FULL VERSION…it is a HUGE resource)
Customer Acquisition Guidebook (Advertising and Marketing Guidebook):
A delicate touch is needed to properly market a grave care business. You can’t just “ADVERTISE.” Instead, we show you how to build customer relationships through your marketing efforts. Don’t waste your money on improper advertising techniques.
Pricing Strategy Guidebook:
Pricing is a difficult concept to master. Our pricing strategy guidebook will help you price your services correctly.
Customer Interaction Advice:
Helping customers in this business requires a high level of understanding of their needs and wants. We show you how to interact with customers and potential clients.
Estimating Tutorial:
We take great care to show you how to estimate prices.
Proper pricing strategies will strengthen your business and greatly
improve your customer acceptance rate.
Customer and Business
Letter Templates:

A large series of pre-formatted business letters to send to your customers.
Tombstone Cleaning
Guide (includes video instruction):

This is an excellent guide of proper basic cleaning techniques for the most common problems associated with
tombstone cleaning.
Estimating Calculator Software:
Estimating software that will help you determine prices for your customers.
Video Training Guides:
These videos will help you master many of the concepts discussed
within the program.
Customer Agreement Examples (Contracts):
Signed agreements between you and your customers are very important. Also includes Customer
Agreements and Cemetery Agreement forms.
Cemetery Management “Code-of-Conduct” Agreements:
Dealing with Cemetery Management is a common problem. We give you tools and teach you how to effectively interact with cemetery management.
Business Forms Toolkit:
A large variety of business forms necessary for your business.
Advertising Flyers:
Printable to hand out to clients or simply copy them into
advertising websites such as Craigslist. Very useful.
Photo Gallery:
A huge supply of pictures you can use on your website, on your
flyers, and in your other advertising.
Grave Care Web Templates:
Customizable templates for your very own website. We also give you great hints on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to register and host your own URL.
Full Version includes very informative bonus guides including: “Cemetery Photography” & “Cemetery Mapping Using your GPS.” These guides are very handy and we show you how to use this information in your business.
As you can imagine, we receive many visitors to our website looking for Grave Care Companies to service their relatives’ gravesites.  If we receive a request such as this in your area, we will gladly pass this information along to you.
Video Commercials:
Place these on your website, YouTube, and other social media
Audio Commercials:
Great to place on your blog or your favorite podcast site.
Printed Manuals:
The FULL VERSION includes all the manuals in printed format in a large (VERY NICE!) binder.  They are neatly organized for you in a large, handy binder you can keep on your bookshelf or carry in your vehicle to all your jobsites. No need to sit in front of a computer screen.
We know you will have questions (or maybe just need some advice) about your Grave Care Business. If you ever need anything just let us know and we will do our best to lead you in the right direction and share ideas with you. We LOVE talking about all aspects of the Grave Site business so no question is too simple. We are always happy to help.
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