Cemetery Time Lapse Video

Cemetery Timelapse with Clouds, Snow, and Grave Monument Shadows

Often, while I’m working in a cemetery, I will set my camera and let the video roll.

Cemeteries are such peaceful places and I find a slow rolling time lapse captures the placid nature of beautiful grave yards.  If you enjoy my time lapses, please give me a “like” or share my video on Facebook.  I enjoy being able to share my love of cemeteries.

In this time lapse, you can see the shadow from a grave marker move across snow covered ground.  We experienced an 8″ snow fall this week and, as always, I made my way to several of the local cemeteries to check on familiar grave sites.

While operating my grave care business, I enjoy being able to spend lots of time exploring local cemeteries (even when it snows).  If you have an interest in cemeteries and have ever thought about operating your own business, a Grave Care Services Company might be perfect for you.  Read more about our grave care business course on our main webpage.  Click the “Grave Care Business” link above.

Magic Happens in the Morning

pictures of gravesites for a cemetery photography / GPS project.

Magic Happens in the Morning.

Last week I was taking pictures of gravesites for a cemetery photography / GPS project.

Though I would have rather slept in a couple hours that day, I had a busy schedule ahead of me and decided to stumble out of bed early to get a jump on my workload.  In all honesty I can’t call it a workload since playing all day in old cemeteries with cameras and GPS units rarely seems like work.  Besides, photography and tombstones always mix better with light from morning’s sun as it crests over the horizon.  There is something about golden sun rays on old marble tombstones that produces photographs to stir the imagination and explore the true nature of reverence in an old, forgotten cemetery.

Morning’s Light in a Cemetery

As morning broke and I readied my camera equipment, I looked me to survey the entire cemetery.  Since the night before’s weather was drizzly, a heavy mist of fog hung low over the cemetery landscape filling low spots and smoothing the undulating ground work.  Taller tombstones spired mightily through the fog as lower tombstones barely peeked over the fog’s top layer to get their first glimpses and their new day.

Best Business Ever

The beauty of this serene scene was almost overwhelming and I nearly choked up with amazement that I am able to be self-employed in such an amazing business.
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