Grave Care Business – Turning Ideas into Action

Grave care is a very rewarding business and right now is a perfect time to start.

Motivation to help you start your own Grave Care Business

As I drove into the local cemetery this morning, my head was full of great ideas about how I wanted my day to progress. I always find great ideas come to me while I’m driving but, once I reach my destination, those ideas often fade into obscurity. I believe this is a common problem for many people.

It reminds me of an email I received recently from a gentleman who wants to start his own grave care business.
The letter starts: “Hi Keith. I have thought about starting my own grave care business for about 3 years…” He goes on to say that he’s really ready to start and wants to purchase the business course.

I find his email very interesting because he has thought about it for 3 years but is still waiting to turn his ideas into action. We all suffer from this type of procrastination sometimes. Great ideas in the car or in the shower (I often have great ideas in the shower) are often dismissed when it is time to take action.

The question is: how can we retain the resolve to turn great ideas into action?

I believe simple encouragement is one thing that many of us need to turn ideas into action. On a personal level, I enjoy having a few mentors that I can bounce ideas off and then look for encouragement to follow through with great ideas. Encouragement is a very important ingredient for turning great ideas into action.

This is one of the reasons my team and I developed the Grave Care Business Course. I know there are many people who are interested in cemeteries and want to start their own Grave Care Businesses. Maybe you have thought about this idea many times (while driving or in the shower) but once the initial excitement of the idea subsides, you fail to take action to turn your idea into reality.

I would like to encourage you. Grave care is a very rewarding business and right now is a perfect time to start. As I’m writing this, we are transitioning between seasons and it’s an easy time to start your business and build a strong client list. Yes, I would like you to purchase our grave care business course to help you get started but even if you don’t purchase it, I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to turn your ideas into action.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am passionate about cemeteries & grave care and I am always happy to help.

My best to you for a profitable and fulfilling September:

Fire Ants in a Cemetery

actions Grave Care Business operators can perform to prevent irreparable damage caused by fire ants in a cemetery.


Fire ants cause damage in southern cemeteries.

Are you a fan of old 1970’s “made-for-TV” horror movies? I remember, as a young kid, watching reruns of horror movies on late-night television. Let’s see…there was Killdozer, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and ANTS!!!. ANTS was always one of my favorites. The main actors in the movie dug a moat and filled it with water to protect a structure from an invading army of ants but, the entomologist in the movie told them ants can build bridges across water. So, they filled the moat with gasoline and set it afire. Yes, that movie has stuck with me all these years. I love studying ants and many other insects because of this movie even though they sometimes give me the heebie-jeebies

It turns out ants really can build floating bridges. They are very industrious.

Though not as conniving as they were in that movie, ants can be very destructive. Since moving beyond the borders of the United States, fire ant populations have moved steadily northward. Anyone in the southern regions with a basic knowledge of ants will recognize the shape and size of their familiar mounds. Cemeteries are not immune to these destructive pests. Fire ant mounds are often 2 feet in diameter. In building their nests, fire ants often dig downward several feet. In the tunneling construction of their nests, they often burrow several feet below the surface. As you can surely imagine, this tunneling action destabilized the ground. When they tunnel under heavy gravestones, the stones become unsettled and can topple under their own weight.


This phenomenon of destruction is becoming increasingly common as fire ant populations spread.

So, what can be done?

Well, there are several actions Grave Care Business operators can perform to prevent irreparable damage caused by fire ants in a cemetery. Luckily, as is the case with many services provided by Grave Care Business owners, your clients will gladly pay you to perform these services.

Before you begin to offer these services, however, there are several caveats you must be aware of before attempting to deal with fire ants in your local cemeteries.

We write about the problem of fire ants in cemeteries and how to incorporate their solution in our Grave Care Business Course offered through this website. We also discuss pricing strategies so you will know how much money to charge your customers. Additionally, we offer marketing and advertising advice to help you build a strong client base so your business makes good money year-round.


Additionally (and this is very important), we discuss the potential problems you might face when attempting to eradicate fire ants from a grave plot. It’s important to deal with ants correctly so your efforts don’t turn into a horror movie. ūüôā

Have you ever thought of starting your own Grave Care Business?

If you are interested in learning how to start your own Grave Care Business, please read through our entire website to learn more about our course. You can order directly through our ordering page and we will ship it out to you promptly.

If you have any questions about the course, please let us know via our “Contact Page.”

Thank you for reading.

Autumn in A Cemetery – Color Above – Color Below

cemetery sunset

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?

Autumn is a perfect time to start your own Grave Care Business. As the Sun’s apparent position in our sky moves south, Autumn’s beautiful sunsets foretell of chilly weather ahead. This cooler weather brings with it lots of opportunities for Grave Care Business owners.

Autumn weather brings with it plenty of work to be done in your local cemeteries. Basic ground maintenance, plot restoration, tombstone cleaning, and graveside decorations will keep you busy for the next few months. Cemetery management generally does not provide these services. Family members are willing to pay you for basic plot cleanup, detailed weed trimming, proper tombstone cleaning, and other services to keep their loved-one’s gravesite looking nice all year long.

Cemetery Trees Changing Colors

We have developed a professionally produced Grave Care Business training course designed to help you start and operate your own Grave Care Business. Please look through our entire website to learn about the course. You can order through the website and we will mail it out to you promptly.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We love cemeteries and are always happy to help.

Thank you:

What happens to bodies after we die.

I am fascinated with different types of burial procedures and different types of cemeteries around the world.

This video is very well done. Its helps us gain a scientific understanding of the decay process after we die.

Toward the end of the video, it also gives information on different types of burials and cemeteries found through-out the world.
The video was produced by TED-Ed.
I hope you enjoy:

Cemeteries From Seattle Washington to Key West Florida

Key West Cemetery - Key West Florida

Cemeteries in (almost) all 50 States.

Earlier this month I took a trip to Key West, Florida to visit the cemeteries there including the famous Key West Cemetery. On my way back up the coast, it occurred to me I have literally crisscrossed the country over the past few years.

From the northeastern most state of Maine to the far southern reaches of Hawaii I have visited cemeteries and studied their care. From upstate Washington to this latest trip to Key West, I have been lucky enough to make note of cemeteries all across the nation. In fact, I have visited almost all of the 50 states in my lifetime and I have visited cemeteries in almost all of them. There are still a few states to visit including Alaska, North Dakota, and New Hampshire….how do I keep missing New Hampshire?

In addition to my pure interest in all these cemeteries, I have an ulterior motive of learning about local cultures and the methods people use to care for their loved-ones’ gravesites. You are a beneficiary, too. I include much of this information in the Grave Care Business Course described within this website.

I love sharing my interests in Cemeteries and Grave Care.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, I encourage you to purchase the Grave Care Business Course. It is designed to help you start and grow your own Grave Care Business.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

And….if you live in Alaska, North Dakota, or New Hampshire, I’m planning to visit your local cemeteries soon.

Learn more about the Grave Care Business Course here:
Grave Care Business Course

Cemetery Time Lapse Video

Cemetery Timelapse with Clouds, Snow, and Grave Monument Shadows

Often, while I’m working in a cemetery, I will set my camera and let the video roll.

Cemeteries are such peaceful places and I find a slow rolling time lapse captures the placid nature of beautiful grave yards. ¬†If you enjoy my time lapses, please give me a “like” or share my video on Facebook. ¬†I enjoy being able to share my love of cemeteries.

In this time lapse, you can see the shadow from a grave marker move across snow covered ground. ¬†We experienced an 8″ snow fall¬†this week¬†and, as always, I made my way to several of the local cemeteries to check on familiar grave sites.

While operating my grave care business, I enjoy being able to spend lots of time exploring local cemeteries (even when it snows). ¬†If you have an interest in cemeteries and have ever thought about operating your own business, a Grave Care Services Company might be perfect for you. ¬†Read more about our grave care business course on our main webpage. ¬†Click the “Grave Care Business” link above.

A Snowy Cemetery

I was looking through some of my videos from the winter of early 2014 and found this neat driving video.

The scene is one of our local cemeteries and since we don’t often receive much snow here, I wanted to remember the serene, quiet beauty. Soon, it will be summer and 100 degree temperatures will make us long for winter’s chill.

Enjoy this. If you love cemeteries, drop me a quick note on the video or “thumbs up” and “share” it with other.

Fall in the Cemetery – Grave Care Autumn 2012

Tomb Stones and Fall LeavesI love this time of year and I love being able to spend my days working in leaf covered cemeteries.

As October draws to a close, leaves’ colors are reaching their peak. I was working in the cemetery today and I snapped a few pictures to share with you. If you have ever thought about starting a small business offering Grave Care Services right now is a perfect time to get started. October and November are very active months for grave care. Leaf cleanup is an important part of plot maintenance during autumn. There are also many other services to offer while the weather is still warm. Additionally, the next few months are rich with “special days.” Your customers are very sincere about wanting special decorations place on their loved-ones’ gravesites. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are only the most visible days for which customers order special decorations. There are many other occasions, too.

If you want to get started with your own grave care business, look at our main website. We have developed a professionally produced business course that will teach you practically everything you could want to know about starting and operating a successful grave care business.

Here are a couple photos of today’s autumn colors…

Cemetery Leaves
Fall in a Cemetery
I love autumn leaves in cemeteries.

Tombstone Damage

Avoid damage to tombstones when operating your Grave Care Business.

I was in a cemetery recently doing some photography when I noticed many of the tombstones had familiar chips knocked off from their edges.

Tombstone Damage Caused By Lawn Equipment
Tombstone Damage Caused By Lawn Equipment

These chips are most likely caused by negligent lawn care equipment operators running their mowers too close to tombstones.

Lawn Mowers in Cemeteries

Damage occurs as lawn mowers are navigated too close to the tomb stone and a metal part of the lawn mower engages the tombstone. Chips can be knocked out rather easily by heavy equipment.¬† There is also a possibility that a rock was kicked up by the lawn mower and if the grass shoot guard wasn’t in place the rock could have contacted the tomb stone knocking a chip out.

Weedeaters are also damaging to tombstones.  Weedeater heads spin at upwards of 8,000 RPM and the cutting line can make marks and wear away the stone.  Although weedeaters normally do not make chip marks, wear and tear happens on a smaller scale over time.  Instead they make scuff marks and gradually wear away the stone with repeated contact over time.

If you are running a grave care business and if you are doing plot maintenance or grounds maintenance, pay attention and do not allow your lawn equipment to contact tombstones.

Have you ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business?
There’s a lot of money to be made mowing individual plots in
unmanaged cemeteries. ¬†There’s also ALOT of money bidding contracts for whole cemetery grounds maintenance.

Don’t know where to start? ¬†We’ll show you how.
Check out our home page to learn about our Grave Care Business Course.


Maintaining a neglected cemetery.

you are interested in maintaining the historic value of cemeteries you should think about starting a Grave Care Maintenance Business.

A recent news article caught out attention over the Memorial Day weekend. The news article concerns a cemetery in West Virginia that is not being taken care of properly.

Most notable is the claim that the cemetery’s grounds maintenance crew is improperly handling their lawn care equipment and causing damage to tombstones.

If you have read our Grave Care Business program you know the importance of proper lawn equipment handling to eliminate damage done to grave markers by lawn mowers and weedeaters. Grave stone are easily damaged by lawn equipment and the grounds crew at this cemetery should be trained in proper procedure.

The news article also highlights, at least in our minds, the need for a Grave Care Company in this West Virginia town. Look at the heartache of the families that have loved-ones buried at this cemetery. They shouldn’t have to face damaged tomb stones and poorly maintained grave sites. Families hurt by improper grave care from a cemetery company are willing to pay good money to an outside company to properly care for these grave sites.

If you are thinking about starting a small business in your community and if you are interested in maintaining the historic value of cemeteries you should think about starting a Grave Care Maintenance Business.  You may never have thought about a Grave Care Business.  There is much more to this business than grounds maintenance and you can build a lucrative business offering many Grave Site related services.  Visit our home page to learn how you can get started with your own Grave Care Business. Our program is on sale right now through this website.