Cemetery Leaf Cleanup

Cemetery Cleanup
Cemetery and Plot Maintenance is important for grave care

Cemeteries and grave plots require leaf cleanup work as we move into winter.

I just returned from a trip to upstate New York where it was chilly and snowy. Yet, even in the northern climates, cemeteries and grave plots still need lots of attention so they can be maintained through the winter. Leaf care, snow maintenance, and winterization are just three of the jobs requested of grave care business owners in the north.

Now that I have returned home to a more southern climate, I am reinvigorated with the thoughts of the amount of work (profitable business) still to be done in area cemeteries this year. Leaves are still falling, dead branches litter the ground from a recent storm, and next year’s grass should be planted NOW. Not only are regular maintenance duties calling but holiday grave site decorations are going to be in HUGE demand for the next four weeks.

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