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Hi Everyone:

I’m writing this post on May 7, 2017.

As of tomorrow, May 8, 2017, we will be on a Cemetery Research trip out of the country. Because we will be outside of the U.S., it will be very difficult for us to ship the Grave Care Business Course materials. If you would still like to order the program, we will ship it to you via USPS Priority Mail as soon as we return to the States on (or about) May 18, 2017.

To make up for the inconvenience of this delayed shipping, we are offering 10% off the price of all orders for the Grave Care Business Course between now and May 18. Once we return to the U.S., your package will be shipped promptly.

Use the ordering buttons below to receive the discounted price.

Basic Version – Regular Price $69.95

Extended Version – Regular Price $149.95

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Full Package – Regular Price $259.95

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