Two Grave Site Decoration Events

If you are running your own Grave Care Business, I hope you’re not forgetting two very special holidays

If you are running your own Grave Care Business, I hope you’re not forgetting two very special holidays over the next few weeks. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, 2010 and Easter is April 4, 2010.

If you have a strong contingent of Irish (or Irish loving) clients, it is a great time to call them to ask if they would like to decorate their loved ones’ grave sites for St. Patrick’s day. I just wanted to remind you of this because St. Patrick’s day sneaked up on me. There are a few days left before St. Paddy’s day so you have time to prepare for the 17th. As important as St. Patrick’s day is, Easter is much more important. It is a prime time to look for new clients that will want you to make special preparations for grave site decorations.
Oh, I almost forgot too; As I am writing this, it is Pi-Day and if you have any families with Mathematicians you know that this is a great day to offer math related decorations. If you need to know what Pi day is, this Wikipedia article should explain if for you. It’s meant to be a fun day and Mathematicians with senses of humor will get a kick out of the fact that you remembered them.

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Father’s Day: 6-21-2009 Grave Care

Around the country this year there are millions of families who have lost their Fathers. Though their Fathers have passed on, they can still buy a perfect Father’s Day present.

What is your experience shopping for Father’s Day?

Whether your experience is fun (because your Dad is easy to shop for) or hard (because he already has everything he needs and he’s not hip to new things) you know how good it feels when he truly appreciates what you have bought (or done) for him.

Father’s Day Gifts and Services

In my family, we often perform services for one another instead of buying the latest gadget at a department store that won’t be used anyway and ends up being a waste of money.  Services for Fathers day used to include mowing the lawn or giving him a day alone just to watch sports on TV.  He always appreciated quiet time.  I even remember one year as gift to my Father I installed a shower head that had awaited installation for 6 months.  Sometimes the services were a big hit and it was always a great feeling knowing I had given him something he truly cherished.

Grave Care is the Perfect Gift

Around the country this year there are millions of families who have lost their Fathers.  Though their Fathers have passed on, they can still buy a perfect Father’s Day present.

If you have read our Grave Care Business Program you already know the importance of special days for your customers.  Father’s Day is a perfect example of a time when you can advertise special services and promotions for your business.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that grounds maintenance, photography, and Father’s Day Card (message delivery) services are very much in demand for Father’s Day.  Your Grave Care Maintenance customers may not be aware that you offer these services.  Elderly spouses may not be able to physically visit their husband’s gravesite.  Younger family members may have moved away and are not able to visit the gravesite nearly as much as they wish.  These are the customers you need to cater to.  They are the ones truly in need of your services.
Start your Grave Care Maintenance promotions now to let you current and prospective customers know of all the services you offer specifically for Father’s Day.

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