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Grave Care Business

Start A Grave Care
Maintenance Business

Grave Care Business Course
Have you ever wanted to start your own Grave Care Business?
We will show you how to start and grow your own successful Grave Care Business.

 January 2017: Happy New Year
Have you ever thought about starting your own business providing Tombstone Cleaning Services, Grave Plot Maintenance, and Gravestone Floral Decorations? 

We will show you how with our professionally produced Grave Care Business course.

The Grave Care Business Course is described below.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you – Keith

Below is a quick video that discusses our Grave Care Business course.

If you are fascinated with cemeteries, the architecture of tombs & gravestones,
and the ability to help people whose loved-ones have passed on,
a GRAVE CARE BUSINESS is perfect for you.

Start a Grave Care Business
with our professionally developed business course.

Let’s start by answering a few questions you may have.

What is a Grave Care Business?”

A Grave Care Maintenance business allows you to offer services to
customers who want extra care given to the gravesites of their loved ones.
There are many services you can offer. Our program covers many of the services
you have already thought about such as flower decoration, plot maintenance, and
mowing services. We also cover many services that you probably don’t
even know exist but your customers will love. Offering these services will greatly enhance your business.

Since you can start small and expand your business as you grow,
this business is perfect for you if you want to keep your business small
or grow it into a full-time large-scale business.

Below are just a few examples of the many tutorials offered in our Grave Care Business Course.

Seasonal plot maintenance, erosion control,
mowing, seeding, and
general grounds maintenance.

Floral decorations for special days (Easter,
Christmas, other holidays, birthdays,
anniversaries, family celebrations).

Tombstone & Gravestone Cleaning
Our instructional video shows you proper
grave stone cleaning practices.

tombstone_resetThe course includes a fantastic introduction to tombstone maintenance.  As your business grows you will improve your tombstone repair knowledge increasing the services you can offer your clients.


Is Grave Care an easy business to start?”

With very little competition and tremendous customer demand,
this is an excellent start-up business with long-term potential.
If you have ever wanted to start a small, highly profitable,
and very personal business, Grave Care is a perfect business for you.
As with any business, there are guidelines that you will need to follow
to start your business right. Also, marketing a grave care business is
different than most other businesses.

Why are you offering this program? What is your experience?”

We first started offering Plot Maintenance services in 1992. Since then, our
experience with grave sites has expanded in many areas.  Plot maintenance,
floral decorations, tombstone cleaning, and entire cemetery upkeep are all services requested by customers.
Most recently, we have been deeply involved with cemetery research and mapping old, neglected cemeteries
and family plots using the latest in GPS technology.

There truly are a wide variety of services which make this a rewarding
business for almost anyone with any interest and skill level.
The reason we are offering this program is because we are passionate about cemeteries and grave sites.
We want to see them maintained properly. We feel grave care is a highly underutilized business
opportunity. Our course not only helps you start a great small business but it also helps us
all properly maintain our country’s cemeteries and grave sites. And, it also helps that you can
make a profit doing something you love.

What is included with the Grave Care Business course?”

The Business Package tells you practically everything you need to
know to start, grow, and expand your Grave Care Business.
Below is a list of some of the topics and business tools included with the program:

Business Startup:

Setting up your Business – Business Licenses, Insurance, Permits, Financing, Tools you need
How to speak with “insiders” such as Cemetery Management,
Funeral Homes, Nursing Homes, and Personnel of Religious Institutions.
Pricing your services, Collecting fees from customers,
and much, much more.


Services To Offer Customers:

There are many services to offer your customers. Grounds Maintenance,

Decoration, Flower Delivery, Tombstone Cleaning, and Entire Cemetery
Maintenance and cleanup are just a few of the many services we outline.
Customers are grateful and will pay good money for these services.
Our business program shows you which services to offer to make the most
money and we also show you how much money to charge for the services you offer.

Please Note: We also show you several areas of the business to avoid.
In our experience we have found that some services are not profitable and
cause more headaches than they are worth. Knowing what to
avoid will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.


Marketing & Advertising:

Our Marketing and Advertising Guidebook gives you our personal experience
advertising in this business. From traditional advertising in newspapers and yellow
pages to brand new forms of advertising such as Craigslist and
Facebook, we cover practically every advertising venue to show you the best methods of
gaining customers. Marketing for this business is different than most other businesses
it takes a keen sense to be able to reach your customers. The program is filled with
many tips and discussions of human psychology so you can sell your services without
offending those people who you want as your clients.


Pricing Guidance:

Knowing how much to charge is one of the most difficult problems faced by
new business owners. Our Grave Care pricing guidebook shows you how to
develop a pricing strategy for your particular business.
This guidebook is much more powerful than a simple pricing list.
It helps you develop a pricing strategy so you will know how much
money to charge for any service you offer.

Estimating Software – The “extended version” and “full version” include a handy
set of estimating software tools to further help you develop your pricing strategy and
know how much money to charge your customers.


Business Toolkit:

The program includes a large business toolkit that includes:
Forms, Worksheets, Checklists, Business Letters, Contract Agreement
Examples, Bidding and Proposal Forms, and Much More.



You might have specific questions about running your Grave Care Business.
Your purchase of the business program includes our direct contact
information so we can answer your questions personally.



Please Note: We offer three different versions of the Grave Care Business course.
For complete information on everything that is included in the Grave Care Business Course, please visit our “Course Overview” page.

The “Basic” version ($69.95) is a very good general overview of the business and how to start your Grave Care Business.

Click here to order the
Basic Grave Care Package

The “Extended” version ($149.95) gives a detailed account of the business and teaches you practically everything
you need to know to start and successfully operate a grave care business.

Click here to order the
Extended Grave Care Business Package

The “Full Course” ($259.95) is our most comprehensive package for starting, operating, and growing your grave care maintenance business.

Click here to order the
Full Grave Care Business Course


If you have any questions before ordering, please let us know through our “Contact” page.  We’re always happy to help.